Tucker Carlson, Republican candidate? 2023

Monday saw the announcement that Tucker Carlson had left Fox News. Some speculated that he would continue his career in the realms of right-wing politics and communications, which inspired one of the numerous questions that it prompted. Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican presidential candidate, went even further when he promptly suggested that Tucker Carlson should consider running in the Republican primary.

Could Carlson become president?

OK. Carlson’s rise to the top of the Great Old Party, let alone election to the most powerful position in the world, is still a ways off. However, we thought the same thing about someone else a few years ago, and look where that took us. Ramaswamy explained to Politico, however, that he believed the controversial host was one of the smart guys.

He stated, “I believe he would be a welcome addition to the race.” “I believe that someone should only do this if they feel called to do so, but I honestly believe that it would be beneficial for the country if he were elected.

“There is unquestionably a leadership void in political media across the entire political spectrum. And Tucker was one of the most influential political thinkers and commentators of our time,” Ramaswamy continued, labeling him “one of the most intelligent voices in the conservative movement.”

Time will tell if Tucker intends to engage in actual politics as opposed to merely sharing his divisive views on the subject with his millions of viewers. However, he has a friend who can give him advice if necessary, though perhaps not if it compromises his own run.

What did Donald Trump say about the resignation of Tucker Carlson?

Former US president and Republican frontrunner for the 2024 election, Donald Trump, had a strong ally in Carlson during his previous campaigns for the presidency. Despite privately admitting that it was false, Carlson continued to spread lies about voting irregularities involving Dominion machines.

We didn’t have to wait long to learn what Trump thought of Fox’s unexpected decision to remove their CEO. Tucker’s personal significance was emphasized in a Monday night interview with Fox’s rival station Newsmax.

“I was astonished. I’m astonished. He is a very good person and a very talented fellow, and he received very high ratings. In the last year or so, he’s been particularly wonderful to me.

Trump also commented on Fox’s $787 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems, to which he connected the Carlson situation.

“It astonished me that a settlement was reached in that case. I believed that case should have been readily won… Again, you don’t know if Tucker was fired or if he quit because he wasn’t granted free rein. He may have left because he wanted free rein, but I was surprised by his decision.

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