Politics: Community men’s sheds provide several benefits 2023

It’s possible that a good number of you who are reading this are already familiar with men’s sheds, and it’s also possible that some of you are already participating members of one of the wonderful sheds in Aberdeenshire.

More than two hundred men’s sheds are currently active across the whole of Scotland, with a combined membership of over ten thousand men from the local communities they serve.

Men’s Sheds have been operating for a significant number of years in Scotland, so the fact that they are becoming increasingly popular is not at all surprising to me.

The presence of men’s sheds in our neighborhoods has significant favorable externalities.

In a word, Men’s Sheds are permanent gathering places for men that are utilized for a wide variety of activities. These meeting places are operated by a volunteer organization for the benefit of themselves and other men in the community.

Members of a Shed, also known as “Shedders,” benefit from their Shed since it is a welcome location to socialize. This provides members with an opportunity to get out of the house, exchange hobbies, or participate in community projects.

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