Animal Jewelry for Wild Looks on Even Tame Occasions

Since animals have always held a special place in our hearts, why not wear jewelry to honor this bond? Even with its limited scope compared to the animal realm, animal jewelry is nevertheless available in an incredible array of patterns and styles. Animal-themed jewelry can range from adorable and laid-back to regal and exotic. There is undoubtedly a sentimental choice ideal for any animal enthusiast, whether you want to pay tribute to a beloved family pet or simply want to have your spirit animal close at hand.

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Certain jewelry options have gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies, and diamonds, in addition to animal-themed designs. Colored enamel makes animal motifs truly pop and highlights the natural or exaggerated fur and feathers of the subject. Sterling silver, yellow or white gold, and two-tone pieces with animal designs etched in various metals are also options. Jewelry designers feature both pets and exotic animals, so you may look for one-of-a-kind items that complement your style.

Animal Jewelry Types

Depending on the design, your jewelry with animal themes might convey luxury or fun. Simple patterns in either one or two metals provide a subtle look in rings. Diamond-studded gold earrings add a subtle yet stunning touch to dresses and other formal wear. Animal heads made of sterling silver with jewels embedded in the eyes might exude power and mystique. The substance and arrangement of the stones depend on the mood you wish to create.

Necklaces and bracelets with beautiful animal motifs are arguably the most well-liked items of jewelry with animal themes. Certain animal designs are integrated using glass beads or charms, while others are done through elaborate metalwork. Animal pendant necklaces are usually a stunning option because they prominently feature each animal in precious metal, with some even featuring gem decorations. Whether you’re trying for charming or full-on fierce, there’s a necklace or bracelet that will match your own taste, whatever your style!

The Origins of Animal Jewelry

It would be an understatement to say that animal jewelry has long been in style. Animal bones or carved images of animals may be found in some of the earliest jewelry and artwork, which dates back to the Stone Age. Elders in the tribe used to wear necklaces crafted from shark teeth as a status signal. From Ancient Egypt to the monarch of England, animals have been featured on bracelets, rings, and earrings ever since. A variety of creatures, including lions, eagles, alligators, and more, may be seen even in the British Crown Jewels.

Why has jewelry with animal themes remained fashionable over time? Well, there isn’t a single, easy solution. In certain cultures, jewelry served as a religious accoutrement, with animal deities being the main attraction. Tooth and claw materials from animals were easily obtained and widely used. In modern history, animal iconography conveys a specific social status or familial importance; see the Tudors and their use of serpent themes.

How to Choose Animal Earrings That Fit Your Style

Should you have household pets, you could want to get jewelry that expresses how much you care for them. Pet names or sentiments can be engraved on metal pendant necklaces and rings. To publicly display your love for your furry friend, you can choose silhouettes or portraits of your breed of cat or dog.

Think about an animal that represents your character or past experiences. Certain civilizations have animals that serve as totems or spirits that converse with and represent them. Look for jewelry that uses symbolic adornment to express your unique relationship to your animal guide, if you have one. Some have a connection to several animals because they act as defenders, allies, and aids as they strive for a healthy lifestyle.

Others, nevertheless, have a preference for mythical and mystical animals. These fantastical creatures can take many different shapes, such as the all-powerful Sphinx, mythical unicorns, or legendary dragons. These decorations have a rich and colorful history, ranging from protecting the wearer from an enemy on the battlefield to bestowing luck and wealth onto them.

The secret to looking put together, polished, and modern without going overboard is to choose one playful item with an animal motif and stack or layer it with your favorite, timeless gems. Make a statement with striking creatures and animals captured from nature and portrayed in priceless jewels, gold, and sterling silver, whatever your style may be.

A lion, snake, or crocodile bracelet gives a pencil skirt and cardigan just the right amount of edgy flair and attitude.

A frog necklace or ring would make your beloved princess feel whimsically charming.

Choose khakis and a clean button-down shirt to go with a stylish starfish or crab bracelet or pendant for a nautical look.

Acknowledging the distinctions between fine jewelry and fashionable jewelry

It can be easy to distinguish between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry because the materials used to make each type of jewelry are the same. Determining the quality of the metals and gemstones is all that is necessary to distinguish between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry. To help you know what to look for when you go jewelry shopping, we’re going to walk you through the definitions that professional authenticators use to guarantee the quality of jewelry.

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Fashion Jewelry is another option.

Costume jewelry, sometimes referred to as fashion jewelry, is typically composed of imitation stones and base metals. These pieces are frequently made of easily bent and tarnished materials like brass, copper, or aluminum. Fashion jewelry also includes jewelry composed entirely of leather or textiles, base metal alloys, and even metals plated with precious metals like gold or silver. Swarovski crystals, plastic stones, and cubic zirconia are examples of synthetic stones.

A middle category known as “semi-fine,” which is purportedly defined by jewelry composed of gold vermeil or that is gold-filled, is what some jewelry enthusiasts will insist upon. (Read this post about jewelry metals to learn the distinctions between gold-filled, gold-plated, and gold vermeil). “Semi-fine” jewelry can also be made from real gemstones that are much more reasonably priced, such as opal and morganite, or from “enhanced” stones, which undergo laboratory treatments with chemicals or heat to make the stone appear clearer, more perfect, or a different color.

Jewelry makers may find the “semi-fine” category helpful in more precisely classifying their pieces, but experts and authenticators do not use it as a benchmark. Because “semi-fine” jewelry contains base metals, an expert believes that it is still fashion jewelry. As previously mentioned, the components of a piece determine whether it qualifies as fine jewelry or fashion jewelry.

Fashion jewelry has a short shelf life because the materials used to make it are prone to chipping and tarnishing. Furthermore, once they break, they are nearly impossible to repair because the heat needed to solder the copper or brass pieces back together would simply leave the gold or silver plating blackened. Fortunately, fashion jewelry is typically much less expensive than fine jewelry, and a broken piece is simple to replace completely.

A Fine Jewelry

Jewelry crafted from solid gold, sterling silver, platinum, and/or other precious metals is referred to as fine jewelry. Real precious gemstones, such as genuine diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc., are also frequently used in this style of jewelry. With the right maintenance and storage, fine jewelry will not tarnish because it is composed entirely of solid precious metals and gemstones, making it far stronger than fashion jewelry. Furthermore, exquisite jewelry can be fixed when it breaks. (Read this post about what to do in such an event for tips on repairing fine jewelry.) Although fine jewelry can be expensive, the worth and durability of these pieces make the investment worthwhile.

To determine where designer jewelry fits into either of these two categories, just consider the piece’s composition. Because fashion jewelry is associated with a brand, some designers do raise prices, giving the impression that a piece of lower quality is actually worth more. However, the majority of brands only create fine jewelry using real gemstones and precious metals. When determining whether your jewelry is genuinely fine jewelry or just fashion jewelry with a fancy brand name, pay attention to the hallmarks on it.

Consider purchasing pre-owned jewelry if the thought of investing in fine jewelry scares you off due to the high cost. All of the superior components and superb craftsmanship are yours for a far more affordable price. Our in-house team of experts has verified all of the pre-owned fine jewelry and watches that UK jewellery wholesale sells.

Shell Jewelry: A Dive into Nature’s Treasures

Shell jewelry has been used by humans for hundreds of years because of its ageless beauty and organic elegance. These magnificent works have ecological, historical, and cultural value in addition to being stunningly beautiful. This piece dives into the world of shell jewelry, examining its historical roots, creative variants, and environmentally friendly methods that have helped it become a more and more well-liked option for jewelry lovers.

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A Brief Overview of History

Early Beginnings:

Ancient cultures have a long history of wearing jewelry made of shells. Archaeological discoveries demonstrate that the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans utilized shells—specifically seashells and mother-of-pearl—to create elaborate jewelry. These decorations frequently represented fertility or protection in a spiritual or cultural sense.

Traditions on Pacific Islands:

The Pacific Islands, especially Tahiti and Hawaii, have a strong cultural heritage with shell jewelry. Shells like as puka and pāua are used in traditional Polynesian leis and Maori pendants, which exhibit fine artistry that has been passed down through the years.

The Craft of Making Shell Jewelry

Shelf Diversities:

There’s no shortage of varieties when it comes to shell jewelry. A variety of shells, including mother-of-pearl, conch, abalone, and cowrie, add to the range of colors and textures that craftspeople may work with.

Crafting Methodologies:

Jewelry made from shells is frequently created using a variety of methods, including as inlay, sculpting, and carving. These techniques let artists construct elaborate patterns and decorations while showcasing the shell’s inherent beauty.

New Developments in Innovation:

Shell jewelry designers of today are still pushing the envelope. Their creations are distinctive and fashionable, appealing to a broad spectrum of interests and inclinations, as they blend shells with metals, jewels, and other materials.

Responsible Behavior

Ethical Purchasing:

An increasing number of jewelry designers and craftspeople are utilizing ethical sourcing strategies as worries about sustainability rise. The environmental impact of using shells in jewelry is generally minimized since they come from sources that are sustainably and ethically maintained.

Present-Day Patterns

Statement Item

The fashion industry is seeing a resurgence of shell jewelry, with statement designs that feature enormous shells or several shells linked together. These striking patterns give every ensemble a hint of the grace of nature.

Simplicity with Style:

Conversely, minimalist shell jewelry is becoming more and more well-liked due to its delicate and modest beauty. Small shells adorning delicate bracelets, necklaces, and earrings create a classic yet adaptable style.


The customizing trend is being embraced by a large number of jewelry aficionados. To create one-of-a-kind creations that express their own style and personalities, they can select their favorite shells, patterns, and metals.


The timeless attraction of shell jewelry is derived from its rich cultural origins, contemporary craftspeople’ adoption of ecological processes, and visual attractiveness. Shell jewelry, whether in the form of a modern seashell statement piece or a classic Polynesian pendant, never fails to enchant people everywhere and serve as a constant reminder of the timeless beauty of nature’s gifts.

Most often asked questions

Identifying the authenticity of seashells used in jewelry is a challenge.

Seashells used in jewelry must be original, and this may be determined by looking at the texture, color, and form of the shell. Real seashells are not absolutely smooth; instead, their surface is naturally uneven. Additionally, they have a variety of colors that might fade or vary over time. Another clue to the shell’s validity may be its form. A cowrie shell, for instance, should have a shiny polish and a distinctive oval form. The shell can be artificial if its texture, color, or shape are all the same.


Cowrie shells are valued culturally in many regions of the world and have been used to make jewelry for generations. Cowrie shells are considered lucky charms, fertility, and wealth in certain African communities. They may be strung together to make complicated designs and are frequently used in necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Additionally common in boho and beach-inspired jewelry designs are cowrie shells.

Describe Shiva Eye.

Shiva Eye, another name for Pacific Cat’s Eye, is a kind of seashell that’s frequently used to create jewelry. It takes its name from the Hindu deity Shiva, who is frequently shown wearing a third eye. The spiral design on the shell, which resembles an eye, is thought to represent spiritual insight, knowledge, and intuition. Shiva Eye is frequently used to create pendants, bracelets, and earrings. It looks exquisite when set in gold or silver.

Moissanite Jewelry’s Growing Adoration and Its Potential To Revolutionize The Jewelry Industry

Consumers seeking alternatives to conventional diamonds and gemstones have caused a movement in the jewelry business in recent years, toward ethical and ecological possibilities. Moissanite jewelry is one such alternative that has grown in popularity.

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These days, moissanite jewelry and rings are widely available as fantastic substitutes for diamond products. As a result, those seeking for reasonably priced, high-quality jewelry have possibilities. Continue reading to see why moissanites are becoming so popular and what this means for the jewelry market.

What Exactly Is Moissanite?

Although it has a distinct chemical makeup from diamonds, the mineral moissanite possesses many of the same physical characteristics as diamonds, such as hardness and shine. French scientist Henri Moissan made the initial discovery of it in 1893. It was subsequently detected in terrestrial rocks and meteorites. These days, Moissanite is made in labs especially for jewelry applications.

Why Is a Sustainable Choice Moissanite?

There are a number of reasons why moissanite is quickly gaining popularity among jewelry buyers and why it has the potential to completely transform the sector. Among them are:

Ethics in the Jewelry Industry: Due to subpar working conditions and political upheaval in many diamond-producing nations, the mining of conventional diamonds has frequently been associated with conflict and human misery. However, because Moissanite crystals are made in labs, they are not connected to any conflict or exploitation.

Growth of the Fashion business: The fashion business is beginning to recognize moissanite widely. Because of its excellent quality and visual attractiveness, moissanite jewelry is becoming more and more popular among celebrities and fashion designers. The market for moissanite items is still being created by this trend, which might lead to more creativity and the creation of new designs.

Eco-friendly: The extraction of diamonds and other gemstones has the potential to seriously harm the environment by causing deforestation, soil erosion, and water pollution. In contrast to other diamonds, moissanite gems are manufactured in a lab using less energy, water, and—most importantly—waste, making them an ethical choice.

Value and Cost of Gems: Moissanite may cost up to 200 times less than diamonds of the same size and grade, making it far more economical than typical diamonds. Because moissanite is produced at a far cheaper cost than lab-created diamonds, it is more accessible to consumers seeking a high-quality, reasonably priced substitute for conventional diamonds.

Popularity of Moissanite: Moissanite’s increasing popularity is one of the main factors contributing to its possible future success in the jewelry sector. Moissanite is a sustainable and ethical substitute for conventional gemstones and diamonds that appeals to a growing number of consumers. Furthermore, Moissanite is less expensive than traditional jewelry while maintaining the same level of aesthetic appeal, giving customers more accessibility to this alternative.

Technological Development: Moissanite crystals in a variety of hues and sizes are produced using a rapidly advancing technology. This creates new opportunities for jewelry design and the production of distinctive, customized items. Moissanite jewelry will continue to improve in both quality and appearance as long as technology keeps advancing.

Buying Guide for Moissanite Jewelry

There are a few things to think about when purchasing moissanite jewelry rather than diamonds. Among them are:


Many consumers search for GRA certifications as an indication of quality when purchasing a Moissanite stone. These certifications, it has been discovered, are not always trustworthy and could even be fraudulent. It’s crucial to focus on the stone’s quality and the seller’s dependability rather than depending just on certifications.

gem-like condition

Prior to purchasing your jewel, find out its quality. Seek for fine silver or gold jewelry that has not had any gold or silver plated onto stainless steel. When purchasing moissanite jewelry, it’s critical to consider the jewelry’s composition and make sure it satisfies premium requirements.

Examine Designs in Comparison

Depending on your preferences and the occasion, choose from a vast array of designs and styles. It’s crucial to pick a look that complements both your own tastes and the event you wish to wear the jewelry to.

In summary

An ethical and sustainable substitute for conventional diamonds and gemstones in jewelry is moissanite. Moistanite’s appeal will only increase as buyers get more conscious of the effects their purchases have on the environment. Moissanite may be the jewelry of the future due to continued technical advancements and rising demand in the fashion sector.

Why Do Consumers Purchase Jewelry from Expensive Luxury Brands?

When Marilyn Monroe sang, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,” in 1953, she couldn’t have been more true. What lady can resist the seduction of sparkling diamonds from the top high-end luxury jewelry manufacturers more than fifty years later? We have the answers you need if you’ve ever wondered why some individuals can afford to spend thousands on upscale, premium jewelry brands. Find out why individuals adore purchasing luxury jewelry, from classic splendor to significant confidence boosts and astute investments.

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Why would someone purchase expensive jewelry for hundreds or thousands of dollars when they could get a knockoff for a much lower cost? The extraordinary materials used in the creation of luxury jewelry are a big element in their price.

Whether it’s 18 carat gold, vivid, eye-clean gemstones, or conflict-free diamonds, selecting the finest raw materials and expertly making them requires a substantial financial commitment as well as sophisticated artisan abilities.

Although the cost of luxury jewelry is increased for this reason, you can be confident that your pieces will last longer and always look stunning. Diamonds are everlasting, after all.


Jewelry is the ideal means of expressing oneself, whether you choose delicate strings of pearls or big statement pieces.

The best part is that jewelry becomes more versatile the more you own of it. To create a look that is uniquely yours, don’t be afraid to combine traditional jewelry with your favorite contemporary pieces and delicate items with bold ones.


A brand-new, opulent piece of jewelry is the ideal way to commemorate a fantastic achievement. NFL player Kelvin Hayden proposed to actress Taraji P. Henson only moments earlier, and as a way to honor their love, he gave her identical $10,000 Cartier Love Bracelets.

There are many reasons to treat yourself to (or give your special someone) a stunning piece of luxury jewelry that will be treasured for a lifetime, including graduations, promotions, marriages, and first babies.


Images of riches, power, and success often spring to mind when we think of luxury. Through eye-catching advertisements and celebrity brand ambassadors that exemplify these desired qualities, luxury firms develop these images for their brands.

When someone wears expensive jewelry, they acquire these alluring qualities that make them readily identifiable to anyone who are familiar with these esteemed brands.


Who hasn’t relished a little shopping spree? More than half of Americans confess to using retail therapy, according to Psychology Today.

Whether you are coming off of a breakup or have a stressful occasion coming up, there are several emotional benefits to shopping for luxury jewelry, including increased self-worth and a sense of relaxation.

You will feel confident and ready to face any change, whether it’s a job interview, a first date, or a final test, if you wear the appropriate jewelry.


We all like seeing what our favorite celebrities are wearing, whether it’s for the Met Gala, glossy magazine covers, movie appearances, or Instagram photos.

It is very easy to get inspired by things like Lupita Nyong’o’s vibrant style at Tiffany & Co., Meghan Markle’s jewelry box filled with Cartier jewels, and Mariah Carey’s displays of Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra pieces.


Fine luxury jewelry, diamonds, and gold are in high demand. The bad news is that fake Cartier bracelets and costume jewelry are worthless, even if you might be able to enjoy them for a few years.

Since genuine high-end jewelry is constructed from exceptional materials that are built to last a lifetime and are infused with the reputation of the brand, it is more likely to hold its worth than any fake or costume jewelry.

If the time comes for you to refresh your jewelry collection, you can think about selling the items you no longer wear to help pay for new purchases.

You will always make far more money selling real jewelry than you would selling costume or imitation pieces.


Now that you understand why individuals will cheerfully shell out thousands of dollars for jewelry from upscale luxury companies, are you feeling motivated to get some fine jewelry of your own?

The good news is that expensive jewelry doesn’t have to be unaffordable. We at think that everyone should be able to purchase a large assortment of exquisite high-end jewelry.

Take advantage of exclusive offers on well-known brands and reasonable monthly payments via our partner Affirm.

Not sure where to begin with jewelry?

At low pricing, Treasuredandco offers an extensive collection of luxury jewelry with highly sought-after brands and unique pieces.

Our representatives are at your disposal to assist you in selecting the ideal jewelry to fit both your budget and style.

Why Tungsten Jewelry Is Getting More and More Popular

Envision jewelry that maintains its beauty from the day it was purchased, never fading, scratching, or losing its sheen. Jewelry made of tungsten is that substance!
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Tungsten, one of the hardest metals found in nature, is a strong and resilient metal choice that withstands regular use and will continue to look amazing as a piece of jewelry for many years to come.

Does tungsten jewelry exist, then? Why is it so powerful? Furthermore, how can you obtain a tungsten ring of your own?

In this complete guide to tungsten jewelry, you’ll learn all there is to know about one of the world’s hardest jewelry materials—from its history and qualities to its manufacturing process and advantages and disadvantages.

Tungsten Jewelry: What Is It?

Tungsten is a rare metal that is present in half of the world’s continents but is mostly found in China’s crust.

Pure tungsten rates at 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, but when combined with carbon, it rises to 8 or 9. Due to its extremely high density and low melting point of 10,220°F (5,660°C), tungsten is among the hardest metals to melt.

In addition to being used in jewelry, the material has several industrial uses since it is so robust and long-lasting. Tungsten, for example, is present in TVs, superalloys, magnets, X-rays, and electric light filaments. Tungsten is even used by the military to penetrate projectiles, such as rockets and bullets.

To what extent is tungsten jewelry resistant? Tungsten is ten times tougher than 18k gold and four times harder than titanium, to put things into perspective!

Tungsten in its pure form is very pliable. It doesn’t acquire its remarkable strength and endurance until it is alloyed with other substances, but more on that later.