President of Israel: Azerbaijan is crucial 2023

According to Trend, President of Israel Isaac Herzog told the media that Azerbaijan is a very significant country in the area and that growing relations with Azerbaijan is highly advantageous.

“Azerbaijan is a friendly country for us, and our relations with it are a priority direction of our foreign policy at the same time,” he stated.

He made the observation that Israel is keen to maintain its long-standing strong collaboration with Azerbaijan in a variety of domains.

It was reported in the Israeli newspapers “Haaretz,” “Israel Hayom,” and “The Jerusalem Post,” as well as on the websites of the Russian-language publication “Vesty Israel” and, that President Isaac

Israel’s president says Azerbaijan is vital.

Herzog’s visit to Azerbaijan will include a number of meetings, the signing of documents, and participation in an event commemorating the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel.

Israeli-Azerbaijani relations have gotten even stronger. Israel was one of the first governments to officially acknowledge Azerbaijan’s statehood when it was declared independent.

At the moment, Israel is able to fulfill forty percent of its oil requirements by importing it from Azerbaijan, and the two countries also cooperate in the military domain. It is not a coincidence that the military products that Azerbaijan acquired from Israel led to Azerbaijan’s victory in the Second Karabakh War of 2020, which lasted for 44 days.

Israel and Azerbaijan have cooperative connections that are advantageous to both parties in a variety of domains, including the military, agriculture, the energy sector, and others. The state visit of the President of Israel to Azerbaijan will be beneficial to the expansion of these relations in the future.

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