Pranksters Expose Trump Supporters’ “Too Stupid” Argument 2023

Last week, when Donald Trump asked his fans to protest his arrest, he didn’t get the big crowds he was hoping for. Those who did show up seemed to believe in some pretty crazy conspiracy theories.

The Good Liars, a pair of pranksters, found out why.

“After talking to a lot of these people, it was pretty clear that… they hadn’t read the charge. They weren’t reading stories about it, team member Jason Selvig said this weekend on MSNBC. “I think that a lot of them were actually getting their news about the Trump indictment from Donald Trump’s social media feed on Truth Social.”

So, instead of arguing against the accusations, they mostly repeated his “what about” claims about Hillary Clinton, President Joe Biden, and others.

He said, “It’s hard for them to change their minds about any of this when their source of news about the indictment is Donald Trump.”

Selvig talked to one person who thinks that John F. Kennedy is still alive:

The other half of The Good Liars, Davram Stiefler, found a Trump fan with whom he sort of agreed.

“The defense for the whole thing was that it would be too stupid to have the documents there, to keep them in a bathroom. Why would someone do this? It would be so stupid,” he said on MSNBC in a clip shared on Raw Story. “Of course, I think it was dumb, but I also think it’s true.”

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