Police report Syariah-compliant investment frauds utilizing photos of celebrities, preachers, and politicians 2023

Misuse of pictures using celebrities, preachers, and politicians in the promotion of investment schemes that are consistent with Islamic law and Syariah law has resulted in a number of people filing reports with the police.

The Commercial Crime Investigation Department has found adverts for investment schemes on many social media platforms, according to the Police Secretary Deputy Comm Datuk Noorsiah Mohd Saaduddin.

“According to the ads, the schemes guaranteed returns of up to fifty times the amount of money that was invested.

She made these comments in a statement that she released on Saturday (June 24). “They also claimed that profits would be paid as early as three hours after the initial investment was made,” she added.

These occurrences cost RM5.411 million.

According to her, the advertising also included well-known preachers, politicians, and celebrities to pique the interest of potential investors.

“The findings of the investigation showed that the individuals in question were not participating in the scams and that they had never given permission for anybody to use their photos.

“We have received reports from several individuals over the misuse of these images,” she added, adding that 186 instances involving investment schemes that were compliant with Syariah had been probed from January 2020 to May of this year.

DCP Noorsiah issued a call to the general public to exercise extreme caution at all times and to avoid falling prey to investment schemes that promise great returns.

Before investing, she advised the public to “conduct detailed checks from official sources such as the semak mule portal, Bank Negara Malaysia’s Alert List, as well as the Securities Commission.”

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