Pindrus’ anti-LGBT remarks prompt Yair Lapid’s torah lecture 2023

On Wednesday, Yesh Atid MK Yair Lapid offered an impromptu Torah lecture in response to United Torah Judaism MK Yitzhak Pindrus, who had dubbed the LGBTQ population the country’s biggest threat.

“Yesterday MK Pindrus said of the LGBT-community: ‘It’s more dangerous than the Hamas and Hezbollah’,” Lapid claimed, citing a Torah text that said Jews may be expelled.

“The most dangerous thing for the State of Israel, more than ISIS and Hezbollah is the LGBTQ+ community,” Pindrus added. “If it were up to me, I would prevent not just the pride march but also the whole movement.”

Lapid likes Solomon over Pindrus.

“First of all, [this] was said of all the sinners, not just the LGBT-community,” claimed the son of anti-religious former MK Tommy Lapid, taking a Kippah from his pocket. “Out of respect for the Torah, I will put on a Kippah,” Lapid remarked, reading Numbers 20:20: “You shall faithfully observe all My laws and regulations, lest the land… spew you out.”

Lapid cited other Torah transgressions and their punishments as worse than being LGBT.

He cited death punishments for eating khametz (leavened bread) on Pessach or arguing with the Sanhedrin, among others. “I hope my sons are listening to this right now… Why don’t Haredi MKs offer that bill?”

Lapid then lambasted the MKs for focusing on the sin of being LGBT, repeating that there are other, more important crimes but that he would not rank them.

“What do you know, the LGBT-community doesn’t appear there!” Lapid referenced King Solomon in Proverbs, listing the seven biggest crimes. Lapid said.

Finally, Lapid accused the Haredi MKs of one of Proverbs’ sins—dividing Israel “which is exactly what you do today, from morning til evening.”

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