Youth Compose And Report A Song In 2 Days

SONG, “Death of Nelson.” GLEE. SONG, PM Civil Pty Ltd “Old Father Murphy,” by Mr. LEVY.

lessons on the Pianoforte and Singing, upon these principles which have lately given such complete satisfaction in London, Edinburgh, Dundee, &c. The Violin taught, and Quadrille Bands provided, by Mr. J. Gibbs, late member of the orchestra of the celebrated Musard. Address, No. 2, Park-Street East.

Isabella MELODIA

The conservatorium’s Performance and Outreach Manager Keva Abotomey said they were excited to be presenting a great number of holiday packages, and to have such an enthusiastic response from the community. One imported ballad, elsewhere in the native press attributed simply to “Glover”, The Australian emigrant appeared anonymously, in a pirate edition, as the first variety of Henry Marsh’s 1855 weekly serial The Australian musical cadeau.

great success . The audience had been delighted by the beautiful manufacturing of the comic music and dance – “The Cures,” by Messrs. Morris, Gee, and A. About 4 hundred of the thirty ninth regiment embarked on Saturday morning.

About two o’clock on Saturday afternoon Mr. John Gillan, father of Mrs. J. Home, who has been ailing for a while, died from an assault of influenza. The deceased, who had reached the age of 72 years, was well-known throughout the district as a quiet unassuming gentleman, one who took an excellent delight in music, and has frequently wielded the baton at temperance meetings.

the entrance web page being embellished by an image of the regimental colours of the Adelaide Rifle Regiment. The track is published by Mr. W. H. Hillier, of Rundle-street. They intend giving directions on this metropolis, or within the country, in the same system, embracing LANGUAGES.

The University Of Sydney –

the first professors of Berlin. Returning to Sydney, he re-occupied his place of organist at Christ Church for a further term of five years.

Went then to Fox’s home, where his daughter was, and shortly after knowledgeable the events, not then knowing the names of the prisoners Smith and Gaggin. Next morning noticed Smith, and informed the constable. A quite a few meeting was held within the Class room of the Mechanics’ Institute final evening,

Suddenly Solo, Granger Saves The Day

While advocating the singing of the praises of God by the congregation he would, nevertheless, distinguish between trained singing and the loud, noisy singing, accompanied by contortions of the body, staring of the eyes, &c, heard in lots of churches. Such singing must ascend to heaven – if it reached to heaven at all – like music made candy – no more candy – by distance; such music could not be known as candy. – The difference between loud, noisy singing, and trained music, was as the distinction between the song of one half maddened by excitement,

distinguished member of St. David’s Church, Burnside, and for the previous fifteen years had been a member of the choir, missing solely five providers in that point. Mr. L. C. E. Gee, of the Mines Department, is a brother. One of those very pleasing and profitable entertainments was given within the Domain last night time by the luxurious band of the fiftieth (Queen’s Own) Regiment,

corroborating her father’s proof as far as regarded the time she was with him; subsequent day he had a cut face, and no cash. We remorse to state that the spouse of considered one of our oldest musicians, Mr. John Gabb, was stricken with paralysis on Saturday evening . John Friend, John Gabb; William McCann. Phillip O’Neil, Alexander Webster, John Peters, Thomas Robinson,