You Believe That Gay People Are Chic. This Is Why

People began approaching me for advice on topics I was genuinely ignorant of after I came out.

Style, artwork, home d├ęcor… I mean, I’m interested in all those topics, but I’m by no means an authority. I was never the same after coming out as I was in the closet.

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Gay individuals are not always good stylists. Our teal cannot be distinguished from our aquamarine. We can wear unmatching clothes. We may be as adept at interior design as a partially blind elephant.

We can essentially perform these tasks just as poorly as everyone else.

So whence did the notion that gay people are fashionable originate?

Media Representation

Yes, I am aware of this. It seems like every item I publish puts the blame on the media. However, the truth is that they are frequently engaged when individuals begin to think alike because they have a significant influence on the beliefs and viewpoints of groups and populations.

Up until recently, practically every homosexual character on TV or in movies was chic and sophisticated. In the past, queerness on television might be justified in this way. Getting LGBT individuals in front of moviegoers and primetime viewers required more than simply their being regular people. To legitimize their sexuality, they needed to be a persona that was sufficiently ridiculous.

You must keep in mind that people were afraid of gay people for a very long period. Here in the UK, there used to be advertisements on TV saying that “anyone” may be gay or cautioning that “the homosexual may appear normal,” therefore you had to watch out.

individuals back then desired a means to identify LGBT individuals, so the media developed a character type that was instantly recognizable. flamboyant, frequently acerbic, and wildly fashionable. At times, these characters’ obsession with design and fashion even consumed them and shaped who they were.

Thankfully, things are turning around. The representation of LGBT and queer individuals on film as regular, everyday people with the same abilities and flaws as everyone else is becoming more and more common.