Why Experiences are Better Than Things

Items. Everyone wants them. Purchasing goods brings us happiness. It seems that having material possessions gives us a more exclusive and stylish appearance, don’t you think? Our culture literally shapes our desires to be ever-greater. Every time we purchase anything, a better, more recent version appears on the market. There is never-ending pursuit of fleeting bliss. If only there were something that could replace the fleeting enjoyment that possessions provide us with enduring, eternal bliss. Guess what, though? Yes, there is. We refer to it as experience.

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Things cannot provide us the eternal delight that experience does. Why? Experiences, after all, make us more gregarious, give us enduring memories, and give us something engaging to discuss during holiday family get-togethers. They help us discover our mission and become more receptive.

We can be more sociable when we have experiences.

Human contact is essential for survival (consider how difficult quarantine was). Traveling and volunteering are two great ways to spend time with friends and create new, lasting connections. You form bonds with like-minded people when you volunteer and meet new people in new places. You get to spend time together on experiences and in conversation, truly getting to know one another. With material possessions, you cannot have the same type of relationship. Things aren’t able to carry on a meaningful discussion or go surfing with you. But people are able to.

Events Create Lasting Recollections

How many times have you bought a phone just to discover a week later that a new model had been released? Most likely, you wish you had the newest model since you no longer feel cool. Things bring about fleeting delight. They age really rapidly. However, experiences are distinct because they leave you with enduring memories. You may share your experiences of the individuals you aided in Costa Rica with others, view movies and pictures of your newfound pals falling off their surfboards on your not-so-new phone, or simply reflect on the day you climbed a whole mountain by yourself. Recalling these moments will probably always make you happy because memories never go away.

Your experiences will make you seem awesome throughout the upcoming holiday meal.

Family members might be inquisitive. And at the next family gathering, if your relatives are anything like mine, they’ll undoubtedly bombard you with inquiries.

Your experiences will make you seem like a fascinating person. They’ll be able to learn about all the amazing locations you’ve been. When you intersperse tales of your trips with accounts of your volunteer work, your family will perceive you as both a kind and daring person. It is far more exciting to tell your relatives about your most recent vacation than it is to tell them about your new watch.

Your Experiences Make You More Open-Minded

We tend to live in our own bubbles. Your surroundings and the people in them shape this bubble. Through introducing you to new people, places, and ideas, experiences foster openness. Your viewpoint may be challenged by new experiences and changes in the surroundings. You’ll start to wonder about the world and get fresh perspective. You can become more transparent and develop personally as a result. No materialistic object is capable of such feats.

You Can Discover Your Purpose Through Experiences

You might feel more productive and have clarity after having certain experiences. It’s possible that volunteering helps you discover your desire to assist others. Perhaps going on a trip allows you to see the sort of people you wish to surround yourself with. Your life’s values might be revealed to you via experiences.