What went wrong in American politics 2023

A recent survey shows strong support for putting Donald Trump to the White House and the criminal-defense table and that Joe Biden has lost his main advantage—not being Trump.

Voters in this survey prefer the thief over a mentally failing president.

The survey doesn’t yet show that respondents would prefer Trump as president if he were convicted of the offenses charged against him and for which they want prosecution. Thus, we cannot be positive that American voters would opt to fence off a piece of the Oval Office for a jail cell to avoid four more years of President Biden until age 86.

Trump would lose a few poll points if convicted on a serious offense instead of the 34 misdemeanors a Manhattan Democratic prosecutor filed stupidly to boost his candidacy.

This ABC/Washington Post study shows American politics’ failure. It’s inevitable.

One party may nominate a man trusted by just 41% of the population, mostly because the rest think he’s elderly, mentally ill, and a poor president. The opposition party appears ready to propose a man trusted by just 33% since the rest consider he is an ethical and moral wasteland.

A percentage of those ready to answer to a survey asking them to make that terrible choice—presumably indicative of the voters as a sample—seem to be clutching their noses as they chose the moral wasteland.

If the election were conducted today between Trump and Biden, Trump would win 44-38.

Trump is supported because 54 percent of Americans think he handled the economy better than Biden, 54-32 think he is smarter, and 64-33 think he is healthier.

Thus, although Biden won in 2020 because he wasn’t Trump, Trump may win in 2024 because he’s not Biden.

The Democrats can’t beat Biden, and the Republicans can’t top Trump.

That’s American politics’ complete failure.

The study found that 77% of “Democratic-leaning independents” want more than Biden from the Democrats. “Democrat-leaning independents” are “decisive swing voters.” Trump leads Biden among suburban voters, reversing Biden’s 2020 triumph.

This study puts Asa Hutchinson, our own Republican candidate, at 1%. The survey didn’t poll Democratic Biden alternatives, likely because the pollster couldn’t conceive of any.

South Carolina’s Jim Clyburn’s backing helped Biden beat a weak Democratic field in 2020. Clyburn is accused of conspiring with Republicans during redistricting to diminish Black voting power in South Carolina to strengthen his own district for re-election.

In 2020, Biden received timely support from Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, his defeated New Hampshire opponents. Draft-Klobuchar and draft-Buttigieg movements look unwinnable.

Kamala Harris? Republicans are fighting against her because Biden’s age is a major worry if she becomes president.

Bernie Sanders? He predates Biden. He could run older than Biden without deteriorating because he’s always been this way.

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