What is an industrial heavy-duty connector?

Rectangular connectors that can manage power, data, and signal pins in a single enclosure and function in challenging conditions are known as heavy-duty industrial connectors, or HDCs. Standardized circular industrial connections do exist, however they are not considered HDCs. Applications for HDCs include robotics, automation, motion control, power conversion, and machine control.

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High-performance materials used in HDC construction include gas-tight and vibration-proof terminals, sturdy polymers for inserts, and metal housings or thermoplastic hoods. They are anticipated to withstand high levels of mechanical stress, such as impacts and vibrations, and to offer dust and water protection with ingress protection ratings ranging from IP65 to IP69k.

HDCs are extremely versatile and adaptable since they are available in a range of sizes and have modular structure, which allows different types of pins to be combined and matched for certain applications. Common components found in many HDCs include inserts, contact systems, and hoods and housings.

Housing and hoods need to be sturdy and resistant to impact. They can be made of self-extinguishing thermoplastic, die-cast aluminum alloy with a polyester powder finish, powder-coated metal, or other durable materials. For improved electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance, they can also be kept natural. Typical traits include the following:

Ratings for IP65, IP67, IP68, and IP69k

EMC-resistant and pressure-tight structures

For better corrosion performance, unique hard anodic oxidation coatings can offer up to 1,000 hours of resistance to salt spray testing.

In addition to enabling power, data, and signal contacts, contact systems also provide a great degree of versatility. They are available in a range of configurations, such as:

5 to 650 A-rated power connections with 1,000 V maximum voltage handling capability

Vibration-proof crimp connections with gas-tight terminations

screw-based ends

Termination of spring clamp.

Additionally, inserts come in a variety of forms, such as single housings for many contact types in modular arrangements. Performances may consist of;

certifications to many standards, including DIN, TÜV, UL, and IEC

Correct mating requires polarization.

More than 288 contacts can be accommodated in some versions.

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The availability of a large selection of gaskets, locking mechanisms, fittings, cable glands, and other accessories, such as the following, further increases the versatility of HDCs:

Accessories for sealing and protecting cables

Cable glands made of plastic and metal with a range of IP ratings and shapes, including straight and right angle

Connector fittings for flexible wires

Reducers and enlargers

Screw locking mechanisms, twin levers, and single levers

unique locking nuts


Even while flexibility is crucial, HDCs eventually provide great performance, beginning with extended lifespans and durability in challenging conditions, such as those found in automation and transportation systems. They must guarantee the security and safety of the workers and the systems. Electrical isolation, EMC performance, high levels of ingress protection, and safe operation in the presence of mechanism stress and vibration are examples of safety considerations.

High-density connection options from HDCs allow for modular and small-footprint system designs. Since many signal, power, and data connections may be made with a single operation, they expedite installation and maintenance. The versatility of design is further enhanced by the availability of housings for screw, bulkhead, or surface mounting. Additionally, cable termination and cable-to-cable connections are offered by HDCs.


Rectangular connectors known as HDCs are designed to provide high-power connections as well as a high signal density of data and signal pins inside a single enclosure. They provide high-density solutions, are resistant to environmental changes, and include add-on features and accessories.