Beer kegs: what are they? What is their purpose and how are they constructed? How do they function and where are they used? The essay below provides answers to these queries!

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What are beer kegs?

A lot of people are curious about what beer kegs are. The solution is easy to understand. Beer is delivered and kept in kegs, which are incredibly tight containers. There are two types of kegs: disposable and reusable. Steel that resists acid is used to make reusable ones. The most common kind of keg used are thirty-liter ones. Additionally, 20- and 50-liter kegs are available.

The construction and use of beer kegs

The beer keg is made up of a tube that extends from the head to the bottom and sides. The gas filling the barrel causes the beer to be forced higher. From installation until bottling, carbon dioxide crushes and propels the beer. The beer travels from the bottling factory through the previously described conduit to the cup.

Additionally, carbon dioxide is in charge of preserving the pressure balance. In order to preserve the beer’s flavor and characteristics when pouring, it stops the carbon dioxide within the beer from escaping.

Beer kegs and when they should be used

The beer kegs that are now available in Poland have a history that begins in the 1990s. It should be mentioned that an older keg does not necessarily need to be retired from service if it is maintained well. It can be used on provided it satisfies all standards, is airtight, free of dents, and exhibits no deformation at the valve seat. It is possible to change the head, however in order for it to pass through the bottling line, it must always be perpendicular to the keg axis.

Glass bottles that may be returned and disposable kegs are included in the Promet package. Reusable glass bottles are especially advised because of their little carbon impact when filled and reused.

When exporting beer over great distances and the difficulties of returning a keg would be costly, disposable kegs are an excellent option.

How long can beer be kept in beer kegs for storage?

Like bottles, kegs also have expiration dates. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that beer has a lengthy shelf life. On the other hand, the period that could pass between opening the barrel and connecting it to the bottling equipment is not to be mistaken with the beer’s expiration date. The beer in the keg needs to be poured quickly if it’s attached to the installation for that particular month. Its flavor and qualities will be lost if it is matured in a keg for the whole month.

It is important to note that the installation to which an open keg is attached determines the beer’s chemical makeup and flavor. For a traditional bar installation, the keg may typically be linked to the setup for a maximum of three days. In some installations, beer can be matured in-place for up to twenty-one days from a keg that is attached to the installation.

The temperature of the environment in which beer is poured from the mug into the mug and the storage circumstances have an impact on the beer’s quality as well.

Beer kegs: an overview

A beer keg is unquestionably a highly practical item. It is utilized in pubs throughout the globe to serve beer to beer connoisseurs without altering the beverage’s flavor or chemical makeup. The beer still has all of its taste!