Turkey continues “Anatolian Eagle-2023” International Flight-Tactical Exercises 2023

According to Trend, which cites the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, the ongoing international flight-tactical exercises known as “Anatolian Eagle – 2023” are still taking place in Konya, which is located in the Republic of Turkey.

The next day of the training consisted of the aircraft carrying out group flights from the base airport and carrying out a variety of combat operations during the daylight. This was all according to the plan.

As part of the combined operation, the aviation groups were successful in completing the duties necessary to overcome the air defenses of the imagined opponent.

The missions that were given to the flight crews were accomplished with flying colors.

During the training, the pilots also carried out aerial reconnaissance and located the locations of other ground targets that the fictitious enemy had set up.

Following the completion of the drills, the engineering and technical crew got to work on the chores related to the maintenance of the combat aircraft and getting the aircraft ready for the subsequent flight as quickly as possible.

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