Tucker Carlson: Israeli clones? 2023

The truth—value, concept, and reality—couldn’t be taken.

Trump lost. Truth required fact from want. Their professional value—to seize and report the news—meant conceding their candidate’s defeat.

Instead, Fox News reported that voting machines were rigged for Joe Biden, a fabrication that Fox News employees knew was false but nevertheless published. Thus, news was corrupted to serve the lie and worse.

Tucker Carlson texted: “Please get her fired… immediately, like tonight” after a reporter said there was no foul play. The firm is suffering. Stocks are falling. No joke.”

The Hebrew adage “one sin leads to another” loomed: reject truth, sell it for money, and plunder its bearer.

The American network’s guilt was revealed last week when it agreed to pay Dominion Voting Systems $787.5 million to settle its defamation claim, followed by Carlson’s apparent resignation.

Fox News, which faces an even larger complaint from another election technology company, is less noteworthy.

More importantly, this saga is part of the War on Truth, and Fox’s Israeli versions have shown a similar inability to accept facts and face the truth.

Two renowned writers died this month.

Novelist Meir Shalev and poet, singer, and satire Yehonatan Geffen died last month at 74 and 76, respectively, from terminal illnesses.

Both were Left-wing provocateurs. Both came from Nahalal, the Jezreel Valley’s round settlement, where the farmers who created it 102 years ago were rough.

Shalev wrote, “This unbelievable funeral looked like an exceptionally fictional Monty Python skit, yet it was totally real” after former chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren retrieved ancient Jewish warriors’ bones from a cliffside cave where he emerged hanging by a helicopter’s winch and cable.

Geffen was removed off the platform after urging forces not to enter Beirut during the First Lebanon War. His career was plagued by similar provocations.

Right-wingers disliked both writers. Unfairly,

Channel 14, Israel’s Fox News, didn’t report Geffen’s death, the man who wrote “The Prettiest Girl in Kindergarten,” “How is a Song Born?” and “A Kindergarten Closed,” magical songs that millions of Israelis have sung with their parents and now with their children.

Likud lawmaker Tally Gotliv believes Geffen “represented drinking, drugs, licentiousness and bohemianism.” Shimon Riklin of Channel 14 declared, “I never read one book of Meir Shalev,” because “whoever detests what I represent is not worthy of my attention.”

That’s acceptable for a private person but unethical for a journalist. Like him or not, Shalev was one of Israel’s most notable and popular novelists, a lover of this land who sculpted in exceptionally rich Hebrew some of the Zionist project’s most proverbial heroes of innocence and idealism, from A Pigeon and a Boy’s pair of teenagers who fall in love while cultivating homing pigeons, before the boy is killed in the War of Independence, to The Blue Mountain’s Baruch Pines, a village teacher whose dedication to, and understanding of, the Zionist

What is the reality about Geffen and Shalev, and why were their adversaries so frightened?

Combatants Geffen and Shalev

Geffen and Shalev participated in the 1967 Battle of Tel Faher under the Golan Heights, unlike MK Gotliv, who did not serve in the IDF. Their friends were among the 34 Israeli soldiers killed there. They collected their pals’ and 50 Syrian bodies after the hand-to-hand struggle. Some were headless.

Five months later, Shalev’s platoon was accidentally shot by an Israeli unit while crossing the Jordan River at night. Shalev was shot four times: above the knee, under it, above the thigh, and in the back, an inch from the spine. Others died nearby.

Shalev was hospitalized and unfit for the Yom Kippur War. Geffen crossed the Suez Canal with Ariel Sharon and fought in Africa, witnessing more violence and suffering. As Gotliv said, he became an alcoholic, but he overcame it.

War disillusioned and bitterened Shalev and Geffen. However, decent opponents would admit that they gave us more than most others, on and off the battlefield. That’s the reality, which some can’t stand, so they lie as Tucker Carlson did when his idol fell.

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