Why Coursera Plus Is Valuable in 2024

We constantly have new things to learn as project managers. You will also be expected to do some professional development every year if you possess a professional certification such as the Project Management Professional, an APM certificate, or PRINCE2.

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And all of it comes at a cost, frequently one that our employers won’t cover. Coursera Plus is another option for skill development and money management.

Coursera Plus: What is it?

Coursera’s subscription service is called Coursera Plus.

A global online learning platform, Coursera offers training materials on a variety of business-related subjects. Consider it a substitute for LinkedIn Learning, with information from top colleges and teachers.

The hundreds of courses available online are only accessible with the Plus subscription.

There is a choice between monthly and yearly payments. In order to see what is included in the Plus program and make sure you are comfortable committing to a membership, there is also a free trial available.

For your money, what then do you get?

Courser Plus includes what?

With only one monthly or yearly membership, you may access over 7,000 courses and specializations (a group of courses leading to a certificate).

With the Plus membership, you may access more than 90% of the courses on the platform.

You have unrestricted access to training from more than 170 prestigious institutions and businesses. And you can obtain certifications for each one of them (some may not give certificates, but all of the ones I looked at did, and Coursera claims to let you to obtain an infinite number of certificates).

More than fifteen Professional Certificate programs are offered (including all Google courses); however, the subscription plans do not cover degrees or some additional subjects.

What is Coursera Plus’s price?

Coursera Plus is cheaper than the monthly version in the UK, costing £47 per month or £322 per year ($59 USD per month or $399 USD per year). If you are certain that you want to dedicate yourself to a year, I would suggest the yearly plan.

Alternatively, it can be less expensive to forego Coursera Plus and simply pay for that course or specialty as a one-time purchase if you explore around and only want to buy one course. Monthly fees for courses range from £40 to £65, and many programs may be finished in a month if you put in the effort.

Verify the prices in your nation; they should be comparable.

The advantages of Coursera Plus

Based on my use of Coursera Plus for professional growth, I’ve listed these 7 advantages.

1. Examine anything

Would you want a work breakdown structure course? Agile techniques? How should a presentation be delivered? All of those and many more are available on Coursera.

Are all courses included in Coursera Plus?

No, it doesn’t. Online training programs and degree courses from some partners, including Stanford University, are not included in the subscription. However, you will undoubtedly discover a course to advance you, as Plus members get access to almost 90% of the content. IBM Project Management is currently part of Coursera Plus as of April 2024.

Find the ideal courses for you by using the search filters. I rapidly narrowed down my search by eliminating certain providers and languages.

2. Economical education

The free option on Coursera contains restricted material. For instance, you may audit the Google Project Management Certificate (which allows you to see the course materials), but you need to have a membership in order to take the tests or complete the peer reviews.

That being said, I completed a large portion of the Google Project Management certificate utilizing the auditing tool without having to pay for a subscription that would have required several months of access.

The Plus option provides you free access to a ton of high-quality learning resources if you want to take several courses over the course of a year.

3. Complies with your timetable

How many of us can dedicate a whole week to attending a classroom course? It’s hard for me to think I used to do that. Now that I think about it, flexible learning is the best option.

Online learning has the advantage of being flexible enough to accommodate your day employment.

For instance, as I completed my other responsibilities, I listened to some Agile training. I put the Coursera app on my iPad and downloaded the videos so I could watch them while I cooked supper and did other bathroom tasks like brushing my teeth and doing other things.

I completed a good deal of the material without needing to “sit and learn.” Note: If you believe that taking a lot of notes helps you learn, don’t do this. If I had to constantly pause and take notes, I never could have peeled the potatoes.

4. Acquire certifications

My primary motivation for enrolling in Coursera was to obtain certifications.

Are certifications included with Coursera Plus?

It really does, yes!

Does purchasing Coursera certificates make sense?

I believe so, but you do have to admit that they don’t have the same “worth” as, let’s say, a degree or a professional certification such as the Project Management Professional (PMP)®, which has specific qualifying requirements in addition to a proctored test and also acknowledges your expertise in the area.

Being a bit of a learning snob, I can happily study anything for its own sake, but I am much more driven to learn when I can post my accomplishment on LinkedIn or receive a Credly badge at the conclusion of the process.

5. Esteemed by employers

The portal that hosts the training is called Coursera. Leading colleges and training institutes supply the instruction. I completed an IBM course, for instance. I’ve also enrolled in Google classes.

If you’re wondering if companies appreciate Coursera, the answer is definitely yes, since many colleges have made their particular courses available on the site.

Although there are undoubtedly some courses available from less esteemed institutions than from a prominent university, employers will value the skills and knowledge you have acquired from top-tier educational institutions.

6. Superior content

Although the quality of the video learning resources varies depending on the supplier, the classes I’ve attended have been expertly presented and put together.

These professor-level professors are featured in professionally produced videos. You may be sure that you are receiving professional instruction because it is a top-notch learning environment.

But exercise common sense. Select service providers with well-known brands, reputable colleges, and highly rated courses. Although the Coursera platform includes “quality” services like note-taking, transcriptions, and reminders, the caliber of the presenters’ slideshows, videos, and presentations will be up to the individual providers.

7. Well worth it!

I can personally state that the knowledge I’ve learned on the platform has increased my faith in Agile methodologies. Although I don’t routinely work with Scrum teams, I do frequently engage with Scrum Masters and Product Owners, so it’s helpful to have a better understanding of their environment.

Would you recommend Coursera Plus? Yes, it is; 87% of Coursera students report professional gains. so long as it’s utilized.

Solo Ads: What Are They? In2024, Is Solo Ad Traffic Still Valuable?

Of all the ways to bring traffic to a URL, email traffic is one of the greatest since it has the highest conversion rate. Email marketing is the foundation of solo ads, but sadly, not many marketers are aware of it yet.

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The misconceptions and untruths around the traffic from sponsored solo advertisements have also made some astute marketers wary of solo advertising.

What are Solo Ads, then?

In 2024, is traffic from solo ads appropriate for your company?

How can you locate trustworthy suppliers of single ad traffic without falling victim to fraud?

Can you create campaigns with solitary ad traffic that break even? Where is the best place to begin your solo advertising career?

You will learn more about that in this article.

Did you realize that your internet marketing efforts may be optimized using solo ads? It’s likely that you’ve heard of this effective marketing strategy. The time has come to thoroughly investigate it in order to benefit from this fantastic web marketing strategy.

Every company aims to keep up a robust social media presence and expand its network of influencers for advertising. Digital marketers now embrace strategies like SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), native advertising, and others.

If you want to attract more customers and boost conversion rates, you have to do something different. Here’s where you can benefit from solo advertisements!

For you, it may be something entirely different. As a result, we have created a beginner’s guide to solo advertisements that explains how to use this strategy to accomplish your marketing objectives!

What Are Solo Email Ads?

These are focused adverts, the Solo adverts. These are user-provided promotional emails from the solitary ad supplier. For optimal results, the email list provider maintains and oversees the list. In order to assist clients, the email list supplier is an expert in the target specialty lead generation. Lead generating companies may also provide you with a filtered email list.

It’s your responsibility as a promoter to write a compelling advertisement and send a copy of it to the single ad supplier. The chosen niche’s target consumers will receive the email containing that material. To get the greatest results, the email sender may also choose to modify and enhance the advertisement copy.

Additionally, there are those that focus on crafting profitable emails for companies and brands. To get the intended result, they send solo email advertising on your behalf and supply the email list and content.

Common misconceptions regarding solo advertisements

Individuals believe on widely held misconceptions about solo advertisements and email marketing and fail to verify the truth. These are the following myths:

Nowadays, solo advertisements are ineffective!

When they discover that solo advertisements also include email marketing, many people give up on the concept of utilizing them to promote their businesses. Many believe email marketing is obsolete since social media and influencer marketing have grown in popularity. That is untrue!

Email is still used for communication by over 4 billion users. It is also one of the most practical and safest forms of communication. When you deliver adverts in their desired specialty, around half of the email list subscribers make a purchase.

The conversion rate of solo advertising is quite poor!

That’s just one more widespread misconception about solo commercials. In actuality, compared to other digital marketing strategies like banner advertisements, pop ads, etc., solo ads have demonstrated a far higher conversion rate. All you need is an email receiver who can’t resist your amazing offer and compelling content. The intended audience will visit your website as a result.

The remaining portion relies on how well you present the item or service in order to close the deal. Solo advertisements possess the ability to lure an unwary client to your online store. Once the most difficult obstacle of attracting a potential client is overcome, the work gets lot simpler!

A high conversion rate is guaranteed by a large number of clicks!

Avoid being duped by solitary ad providers that try to dazzle you with a large amount of clicks. Not every click results in a sale. To attract and convert potential consumers, you need to have the greatest email list in the targeted area.

If there are people on the email list who are not interested in purchasing anything in your niche, it will not be effective. As a result, you will just be wasting your time and energy trying to persuade someone who has no intention of purchasing or using a given product.

Take a look at Angelo Sayson’s Udimi profile, for instance. He buys single ad clicks. Thirty percent of consumers are repeat buyers, and 72 of the previous 100 reviews have been flagged as sales. This indicates that both regular customers and those who came from his email list made purchases from him!

Due to market saturation, there are very little odds of success!

Many individuals haven’t been able to benefit from solo advertisements because of this misperception. It doesn’t follow that you won’t succeed just because the market appears to be crowded. If you want to boost sales, you should attempt this low-cost strategy. To engage more people and convert the most visitors, use the finest content approach.

You are now aware of the facts and myths surrounding solo advertisements. However…

Is It Time to Purchase Solo Ads?

Both ad formats and platforms are many. Why should you employ traffic from solo ads?

You should use solo advertisements if:

You don’t have a big marketing budget!

Investing a large sum of money in internet marketing might be challenging for small and medium-sized business owners. A few hundred bucks won’t cover the cost of hiring an influencer or launching a profitable digital marketing campaign.

Testing and campaigns for solo advertisements don’t cost much! Start with a few hundred dollars to test your single ad plan, and if the results are positive, invest more.

A PPC campaign is out of your price range:

The prices of pay-per-click marketing can be very high in some sectors. Large corporations and well-known brands would be happy to keep these PPC costs in place in order to lessen competition. For your marketing purposes, try solo advertisements; the results will be just as good as or better than PPC!