How to: Setting up a delivery service for a food truck operation

In light of the growing epidemic, food trucks, like restaurants, strive to provide patrons every order and pickup option imaginable, including delivery services. Here’s a strategy for making it work.

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With annual sales of around $200 billion, meal delivery and takeout are two of the food service industry’s fastest-growing areas.

These days, people rely heavily on promptness and convenience. Carry-out and delivery of food meet both of those demands.

One of the first choices you’ll have to make if you’re a food truck owner looking to hire a delivery service is whether to hire a third-party firm or create your own staff.

Advice about delivering food

When you’re prepared to expand your food truck business to include delivery services, take the following actions to get going:

1. Set aside a location for delivery

You may help your delivery drivers be more efficient by giving them a designated area to pick up orders, which will allow them to avoid standing in line behind consumers. This section may also be used twice for clients to pick up their meals from you as a carry-out area. Create a dedicated take-out checkout area for clients who did not pay over the phone or online, as well as a location to wrap just delivery and take-out items if you want to be even more efficient.

2. Update the hardware

To assist reduce the quantity of clients waiting overall, think about acquiring an upgraded point-of-sale system, a new website for online purchasing, or an app for mobile orders.

3. Provide personnel with food delivery services training

Should you decide to use your own delivery personnel, they must get instruction on how to properly position food in their vehicles to prevent spillage and how to interact with each client when delivering meals. When using a third-party delivery service, make sure the drivers understand that they are representing your firm and behave appropriately. It’s crucial that the firm you’ve worked with and the service they offer are polished, professional, and nearly error-free since evaluations have the power to make or ruin your brand. Additionally, delivery packers must receive training on how to load take-out or delivery bags with the appropriate extras, where to put completed orders when they are fulfilled, and what to-go containers each menu item should fit in.

4. Construct a menu for delivery

Cooking and packaging can be made easier by creating a distinct delivery menu. To start, consider adding dishes that don’t become too hot, too cold, too soggy, or that could melt to your delivery menu. Start by selecting some of your most well-liked menu items. Customers’ suggestions for meals and sides that you should include on your delivery menu may even be solicited.

5. Keeping supplies for stock deliveries

To ensure that your crew never runs out of the supplies needed to finish an order, be sure you stock up on take-out containers, cutlery, napkins, lids, glasses, pizza boxes, condiments, and insulated food delivery bags.

6. Establish a rapport with food couriers

Try to get to know delivery drivers by name in order to improve your delivery service. Even if they don’t work for you directly, they nonetheless merit the same level of attention and consideration as your other staff members. In the event of a spike in orders, it’s crucial that you provide a point of contact who can assist drivers in promptly locating orders.

Why should you provide delivery services for your food truck?

Adding delivery service to your food truck can help you stand out from the competition, or at the very least, stay up with them, if your goal is to increase sales. Remember that delivery can only help your brand expand if you already have a strong consumer base and a market presence.

If someone has never heard of you, they cannot place an order with you. However, if you start delivering, you’ll reach out to clients who might not have previously sampled your cuisine, which could result in higher revenue.

What advantages exist?

Are you unsure about how to launch a delivery service? Prior to using a third-party service, you should think about training and developing an internal delivery team if you have the resources and time to do so. Establishing a delivery service removes the possibility that customers may consider it before your food truck, which is one of the key advantages. Additionally, you’ll boost brand awareness and loyalty and make sure that rivals’ large third-party services don’t overshadow you.

Recent research indicates that 76% of customers would rather place their orders directly with the restaurant of their choice than via third-party services. Keeping up your own delivery staff is usually often 46% to 50% less expensive than hiring outside help. Considering that you are receiving 100% of the proceeds from each meal provided, this will also increase your earnings.

Finally, choosing to hire your own delivery staff gives your company total control over every aspect of the dining experience for customers, from placing their order and preparing their food to receiving it and paying for it. Additionally, it will be you and your employees that deal with consumers rather than unidentified workers from other organizations.