Soldier kills politician he was protecting with a gunshot 2023

On Tuesday morning, retired Colonel Charles Okello Engola, who had previously served as the deputy minister for gender and labor, was killed by gunfire in his home.

There is a possibility that the soldier and Colonel Engola got into a disagreement, although it is not quite apparent at this time.

The soldier, whose identity has not been made public, subsequently took his own life by shooting himself.

Eyewitnesses claim that the soldier fired shots into the air while walking about the neighborhood before ultimately turning the gun on himself.

A Ugandan army guard shot and killed a cabinet minister.

The initial indications indicate that there may be a number of individuals who have been injured, and videos that have been shared on social media have shown locals gathering at the area in horror.

Col. Engola was a high-ranking member of the administration who had previously held the position of deputy minister for defense.

In a brief announcement made while he was presiding over the morning session, the Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda stated that Col. Engola had passed away.

“I received the tragic news this morning that Hon. Engola had been shot by his bodyguard and then shot himself after that,” the reporter said. I pray that God may give his soul peace. That was the will of God all along. Anita Among told the members of parliament on Tuesday that there is nothing that can be changed.

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