S5000 is Being Killed By Politics 2023

In the newest edition of AUTO ACTION, noted racing personality Greg Crick argued to Publisher and Editorial Director Bruce Williams that the open wheel category should be embraced before it’s too late.

He highlights the challenges he feels are holding open-wheeler formula S5000 participant numbers back, have generated much comment/feedback, and now with only nine racers at this weekend’s Phillip Island S5000 event, the category’s long-term future must be questioned.

Crick believes it’s time to act and that everyone isn’t being fair.

Crick was asked to engineer Garry Rogers Motorsport’s S5000 entry for PremiAir Racing Supercars driver James Golding for the Tasmanian S5000 race in February.

Crick was impressed with the vehicle and will again oversee Golding’s car in this weekend’s Phillip Island event, but he is concerned about the category’s limitations, especially for drivers hoping to race a Supercar.

“It’s pretty simple—they all are told that unless they take the Super2 route, they’ll never drive a Supercar,” he told AUTO ACTION.

I think that’s the key element and it’s unjust. S5000 drivers aren’t given enough credit for their expertise and safety.

James is living proof. He drove well already. After driving S5000, he drove Supercars better.

Crick also questioned Motorsport Australia’s selective Bathurst S5000 ban.

“Suddenly, they’ve decided that those cars are so dangerous that they’re going to fly over the fence into the crowd and kill someone?” he added.

“We’ve seen other cars fly. I saw an Aussie race car fall over the barrier and land outside the Bathurst racecourse, where they still race!

“Any race car can fly if the wheels get tangled or ride over bodywork. I’m confused.”

Crick also noted Supercars’ Formula Holden champions.

He advised looking at open-wheeler drivers who succeeded in touring automobiles.
“There’s been some rippers—Mark Skaife, Craig Lowndes, Jason Bright, Mark Larkham, Rick Kelly, Neil Crompton, Bargs—all came from Formula Holden.”
Let’s not forget that our Trans-Tasman IndyCar heroes Scott Dixon and Will Power also started in Formula Holden.

”These cars are even better to race and run than Formula Holden was back in the day and it’s time everyone recognizes that and gets on board.” Crick stated.

Chris Lambden, S5000’s “Father,” applauded Crick’s proactive help.
“Greg is a very respected person in and around Australian motorsport,” he remarked.

“There have been some unique and frankly disturbing hurdles put in the way of something that has strong public support and potential competitor make-up.Yes, early entries are low, but it’s not simply owing to the economy, which is affecting most racing.

“There are some high-profile events coming up in the second half of the year, and I’m confident that, if we can knock over a hurdle or two, S5000 will regain even better numbers.”

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