Power politics plague State Corporation Commission, with 1 judge and 2 vacancies 2023

Politics of power are preventing the election of two judges to the State Corporate Commission, which means that the commission is now reliant on one member and a replacement to decide on issues that are of statewide relevance to both businesses and customers.

The State Constitution of 1902 established the State Civil Commission as an independent entity from the General Assembly and its political interests. Yet, for the past year, the SCC has been held captive by legislative politics. The Democrats and Republicans in the Senate have been unable to come to an agreement on who should replace two vacancies. The fact that there were two openings initially gave the impression that it would be feasible for each party to acquire one of the picks.

In its place, the two chambers have been mired in a political impasse that appears to have no way out in sight, despite the fact that the assembly just a month ago passed legislation that would give the SCC part of its former jurisdiction to regulate electric utility pricing.

On Tuesday, the Republican Majority Leader of the House, Terry Kilgore of Florida, conceded that “right now, you’re in a stalemate and waiting for the other side to blink.”

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