Pirate Party Says Blazek Threatens Justice Trust 2023

According to Pirate Party spokeswoman Veronika Smidova, Czech Justice Minister Pavel Blazek (ODS) threatens public trust in justice and rule of law and the government’s policy goals.

The resolution addressed Blazek’s apparent conflict of interest in the Brno municipal apartments corruption probe and his recent contentious actions disclosed by anti-corruption organizations.

514 party members voted online on alternative actions, and 369 supported the resolution.

Jakub Skyva, ODS spokesperson, said the Brno district branch meeting yesterday unanimously supported Blazek as minister.

Blazek said that less than one-third of Pirate voters disapproved of him online. He emphasized his Brno ODS party branch’s support.

Pirate Party leader Ivan Bartos will discuss the vote with Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS).

Fiala informed CTK he had only media information on the Pirate Forum voting results. The Brno regional assembly, which I attended this evening, unanimously supported Pavel Blazek, he stated.

“Out of 1,177 Pirate Party members, 369 have sent me electronic messages of no confidence, less than a third,” Blazek tweeted. “Tonight, 129 Brno ODS congress delegates, representing 898 members, supported me in office.

They dwell in Brno, unlike the nationally voting Pirates. They made their decision based on true understanding of the situation and after hearing my viewpoint.

In a press release, Bartos said the government Pirates had shared their concerns with Blazek.

“It was agreed that letters from MPs via a minister to state prosecutors would never be repeated,” he claimed.

He stated public misgivings about the Brno case remained. He claimed the Pirates were validating how political observers saw Blazek.

“I am ready to help resolve the situation within our Pirates capacity,” stated Bartos. As a parliamentary group, we have supported this. However, the Prime Minister and ODS oversee the ministry and its staff and assure its operation. I’d want to mention the Pirates’ meeting with Fiala and have been contacted by major anti-corruption groups.”

At the Pirate Party forum, MEP Marketa Gregorova initiated a membership-wide vote. She criticized Blazek over the media cases, saying the Pirates should stand up as an anti-corruption party.

On Friday, Blazek claimed Gregorova declined an open debate. “About him without him,” he tweeted.

Fiala (ODS) recently indicated there was no reason to worry about government coalition conflicts and that Blazek was not abusing power.

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