Pavel Calls for Stronger, Self-Confident Czech Republic 2023

Pavel’s presidential vision is to strengthen the Czech Republic’s position in the pro-Western democratic community and transform society’s atmosphere to make people more confident and hopeful about good change. Petr Pavel, Facebook.

Prague, June 16 (CTK)— At a news conference yesterday commemorating his first 100 days in office, President Petr Pavel said he wanted to assist the Czech Republic strengthen its democratic standing and alter society.

It advances my presidency’s vision. “A vision I believe can move our country to where we want it,” he remarked.

He outlined two cornerstones for his presidency. He told reporters that the first is to strengthen the Czech Republic’s position in the democratic, pro-Western community, and the second is to improve society’s mentality to make people think they can change things.

His greatest triumph so far was determining his five-year course.

Pavel also achieved most of his short-term goals and made progress on most of his long-term ones. He complimented the Prague Castle Presidential Office, Castle Administration, and Lany Forest Administration in Lany, where the presidential residence is located.

Pavel, who was elected president in January and inaugurated on 9 March, remembered that after taking office, he declared he would rather be criticized for active effort than a tepid start.

He stated that following Milos Zeman’s presidency, there was a lot to accomplish, therefore he assigned himself the duty of resetting the head of state’s obligations.

Pavel said his administration will succeed if the nation regained self-confidence and a desire to improve. He wants the Czech Republic to better use its resources for human development.

He stated, “We have more than favourable conditions to play in the first league, to use sporting terminology.” As president, he wants to remind people of that.

Pavel believed a shift in climate and worldview would help the Czech Republic overcome indifference and achieve significant progress in many areas. He remarked that solving issues requires a thousand modest steps and patience.

Pavel also stated he would want to see the Christian Democrat (KDU-CSL) candidate for agriculture minister, deputy group head Marek Vyborny, but the date has not been determined.

Vyborny replaces Zdenek Nekula (KDU-CSL), who resigned on Wednesday. Marian Jurecka then met with Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) to discuss the position change. Fiala backed Vyborny’s nomination, but the KDU-CSL leadership must accept it.

The president said Pavel and Fiala will discuss education and other topics during their meeting yesterday.

Pavel pledged frequent prime minister-opposition leader discussions in his first 100 days. Pavel met Fiala and ANO chairman Andrej Babis in June to discuss international policy.

Pavel told a journalist that Tomio Okamura, head of the far-right Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD), should request a meeting and state the topic. The president stated that he would attend such a conference.

Presidential office chief, said the restructure will begin on July 1.

On Wednesday, experts debated how to make Prague Castle a natural leisure spot. Vohralikova vowed to improve guest care, establish a visitor center, and expand cuisine and culture.

Marketa Rehakova, the president’s spokesman, said the office was progressively restricting Pavel’s interviews to avoid him from commenting on current events and let him to speak up when required.

The Presidential Office also plans to use ambassadors from technology, communications, mental health, and sports to engage young people in national issues. Ambassadors, who gathered in early June, will gradually become part of the president’s agenda.

Yesterday, Tomas Richter, head of the president’s advisors, revealed that Silvie Pychova, a teacher and program manager of the Partnership for Education 2030+, had joined Pavel’s team as an education advisor.

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