National AI political campaign 2023

Wonky eyeballs reveal it. A woman looks out the window onto a dark street in the Instagram shot.

Home invasion captions follow. She’s nervous. She also appears odd—not human.

AI political campaign. National has posted four AI-generated photographs on social media in the past month.

The memes show a false ram-raid with zombie-like nurses under balaclavas. A Fast and Furious cast mockup is hazardous for a party that sued Eminem for copyrights.

AI will change political communications worldwide.

In recent weeks, the Republican Party released a 30-second YouTube clip depicting a nightmarish America after a Joe Biden re-election.

All parties will likely employ AI to write speeches, media releases, translate pitches, or target voters.

Political campaigns often utilize misleading commercials, but phony imagery worries some politicians.

Computer-generated content is worrying experts and operatives.

Some political experts Stuff talked to worried about the potential to confuse or terrify voters with phony crime pictures or attack candidates with synthetic media.

Psychologist and AI analyst Paul Duignan said AI will speed up political speech. “We are about to take a pipe, hook it up to the political system, and flood it with so much copy that sounds credible but could be completely untrue,” he told Stuff.

The Government’s Independent Electoral Review Panel is investigating AI before October’s election.

Most Parliamentary parties have pledged not to employ AI-generated phony photos in social media campaigns.

“The Labour Party hasn’t used AI images in any of our designs or advertising in this campaign, and we don’t intend to,” said campaign manager Hayden Munro.

Chris Hipkins wants Labour to run a trustworthy campaign.

The Green Party exclusively uses stock photos or their own. “We won’t use AI at all, especially to depict people in content,” a spokeswoman stated.

David Seymour’s party stated ACT hasn’t utilized AI images and isn’t exploring it.

Te Pāti Māori did not react to a request for comment, although its official socials show no examples.

National is unapologetic. Using AI to produce stock photos, a spokeswoman claimed. It’s an innovative social media strategy. We responsibly use all social media.”

The party didn’t answer queries concerning AI-generated image policies.

National’s AI attack advertisements also confused Leader Christopher Luxon.

“No, not that I’m aware of,” Luxon replied Tuesday.

“I don’t know about the topic, in the sense that you’re making an accusation that we’re using it, and I’m not sure that we are.”

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