Minister warns of lesser public sector salary hikes 2023

As the government tries to increase its efforts to rein in inflation, one minister has stated that the government may decide to reject the advice of independent pay review committees and provide certain public sector workers with salary increases that are less generous than others.

The Minister of Health, Helen Whately, stated that the government will “consider” the recommendations for salary increases for workers in the public sector that have been made by independent agencies.

She stated that she could not “preempt the response” and emphasized the need to be “responsible” with the public finances, but she would not make a commitment to agreeing to the proposals. She also emphasized the need to be “responsible” with the public finances.

Any attempt by the government to disregard the proposals would be met with resistance by labor unions, given that the government has established a strong reputation for being open to new ideas and suggestions.

As the Treasury Department works to combat inflation, which continues to be persistently high, there is rising suspicion that it may wind up approving agreements that are lower than the suggested amount for some workers.

Ms. Whately stated the following in an interview with Times Radio: “Of course the Government will do, which is the right thing to do, is to consider their recommendations and respond after doing that.”

“Clearly, one of the things that the Prime Minister spoke about over the weekend and has been very clear about is the need for the Government to be responsible about the public finances and the priority of bringing down inflation and considering that as we respond, of course, to pay demands.”

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