Lao-Vietnam border patrol 2023

A combined patrol was carried out by border guards from the Lao province of Luang Prabang and the Vietnamese province of Dien Bien along the common border between the two countries.

This move was one of the operations that were carried out as part of the implementation of an agreement between the Border Guard High Commands of the two different areas.

At the Vietnam-Laos borderline, the two sides conducted border patrols from Marker No. 119 to Marker No. 121, examined the border system and marking markers, and shared information on the current state of order and safety along the border.

Cooperation between Vietnam and Laos in border patrol

They cleaned up the areas surrounding the marks and made local inhabitants on both sides aware of the rules regarding the border and the territory, which resulted in an increased public awareness of the need to safeguard the boundary and national border markers.

According to the results of their inspection, the border system and the markers are being maintained in the appropriate manner. They did not find any evidence of territorial expansion on either side, including signs of encroachment on territory used for cultivating crops or dwelling on either side.

The parties came to an agreement about the time and the amount of people who would be participating in the subsequent patrol. They also signed a minute documenting the outcomes of the bilateral patrol.

The border management forces of the two municipalities will continue to intensify communication operations in order to convey policies of the two Parties and laws of the two states to individuals who live in regions that share a border with the two nations.

They will take decisive action to prevent encroachment along the shared border, as well as illegal activities such as drug smuggling, and will routinely communicate information with one another about the safety and order of border regions.

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