KCR considers PM Modi a “good friend,” stirring political debate 2023

On Thursday, June 15, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “good friend,” suggesting a truce with the saffron party.

After a public meeting in Nagpur, Maharashtra, the chief minister, KCR, declared, “Modi achche mitr hai” (Modi is a good buddy).

When asked how he felt about the Union government executing Telangana’s welfare programmes, he said unexpectedly.

‘Told Modi fresh ideas’

He stated, “In Niti Aayog meetings, the prime minister shared best practices and new ideas on good governance. Idea sharing is OK. Modi achche mitra.”

The chief minister’s political demarche follows a calming of BRS-BJP hostilities and his recent restraint in pointing guns at the saffron party in public forums.

“Modi is a good friend” also projected alternative political trends in the Telangana Assembly elections in December and the national elections in 2024.

With one comment, KCR fueled rumors that he will support the BJP in the national election by contesting beyond Telangana.

When asked if the BJP will gain in Maharashtra, which has 288 seats, he stated he didn’t care.

KCR: “This inane discussion always figures. I want to reform Indian governance. No rush. Allow time. I’ll contest elections to get into the legislature. I don’t care whether you label another party’s B-team or C-team.”

Vidarbha statehood

He dodged another question about whether he would support the Union government’s Uniform Civil Code, indicating he didn’t want to humiliate the BJP. He responded, “Let the Centre bring it first, and let us see in what form.”

KCR dodged questions about whether he supported Vidarbha statehood. He stated forming a state shouldn’t be as difficult as in Telangana.

I was dying when I got a separate Telangana state after 15 years. How come? Not just Vidarbha. I mean the mandatory policy. “India is strange where Sikkim has 6.5 lakh people and Uttar Pradesh 24 crore,” he stated.

No alliances.

When asked whether he will join Opposition parties or a front in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, the chief minister stated he had no confidence in partnerships, which should please saffron party leaders.

“We have seen how the National Front and United Front experiments had failed in the past,” he remarked, welcoming any party that shared its wavelength with the BRS.

“Let those who have faith in my plan for India—ushering in structural reforms—come and join hands with me,” he stated, hinting that he will not join the Opposition to overthrow the BJP.

KCR claimed fronts have never delivered and never will.

This ended any chance of his joining Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s alliance to defeat Modi in the next election.

He denied working with Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) in Maharashtra elections. Congress, NCP, and Shiv Sena (UBT) comprise MVA.

KTR stated

KCR’s criticism on Modi matches his son and Telangana IT Minister KT Rama Rao’s 1 June informal interview with journalists in Hyderabad.

KCR has “given up his efforts to unite the Opposition parties against the ruling BJP at the Centre” and is instead selling the “Telangana development model” to the nation.

KTR stated the country needs Opposition unity based on constructive administration, not mindless hate of the BJP and Prime Minister Modi.

“After trying everything, we have concluded that a new national party, the BRS, will be taken to the national level because there is a huge vacuum in the country. “The Opposition failed miserably,” he remarked.

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