Iranian and Azeri efforts to resolve misunderstandings 2023

The foreign ministers of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan discussed strategies to clear up misunderstandings and restore the normal flow of relations between the two countries.

In a Thursday evening telephone conversation, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian and his Azerbaijani counterpart Jeyhoun Bayramov discussed the most recent developments in relations between Tehran and Baku.

During their lengthy discussion, the two senior diplomats emphasized the need for continued consultations and the exchange of technical and expert delegations between Iran and the Azerbaijan Republic in order to resolve the issues.

Amirabdollahian and Bayramov agreed that the correct management of the media atmosphere would be constructive, reviewed the most recent issues of mutual interest, and emphasized the need to clear up the misunderstandings and steer the relations between the two countries back onto a normal course consistent with good neighborliness and mutual interests.

Iran and Azerbaijan Make an Effort to Mend Fences

In a tweet published on Monday, Nasser Kanaani, spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, condemned the Zionist regime’s efforts to sour relations between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, stating that Tehran pursues a policy of good neighborliness and the abolition of visa requirements for Azeri nationals.

He emphasized that the people of the Azerbaijan Republic should fear the Zionist regime, not the Islamic and civilized Iran.

“Our policy continues to be the abolition of visa requirements and open arms for our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters,” the spokesman emphasized.

Iran adheres to its policy of good neighborliness within the framework of mutual respect and observance of neighborliness norms, as stated by Kanaani.

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