Iran and Latin American States Share Opposition to Hegemony: President Rouhani 2023

In a speech in which he lauded the strategic relations between Iran and independent nations in Latin America, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, stated that the Islamic Republic shares with these nations a spirit of resistance against the hegemonic forces.

Monday morning, the Iranian president boarded a flight in Tehran bound for Caracas, the first stop of a three-nation trip of Latin American countries that will also take him to Nicaragua and Cuba.

Raisi told reporters at the airport in Tehran that the majority of Latin American governments desire to live freely, share the spirit of pursuing freedom, independence, and fight against the hegemonic system, and have friendly ties with Iran. He made these statements at the airport in Tehran.

The President of Iran Says His Country Stands with Latin American Countries Against Hegemony.

Raisi, while praising the strategic linkages that exist between Iran and the independent governments in Latin America, made the following statement: “The common stance of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba is resistance against the hegemony system and countering unilateralism.”

He went on to emphasize the tight political, economic, and commercial relations that exist between Iran and Venezuela, stating that the two countries have fostered collaboration in the energy business as well as other industries over the course of the previous two years.

Raisi stated that there are a plethora of chances for the growth of relations with the three Latin American nations, pointing to the fact that these countries are eager to utilise Iran’s engineering and technological talents.

He voiced his optimism that the meetings, negotiations, and agreements that took place during his journey would serve as a significant turning point and productive step toward the improvement of ties with those three governments.

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