Greek politician Eva Kaili freed from prison and house arrested 2023

On Friday, Belgian authorities released the primary suspect at the center of the corruption crisis that is shaking the assembly of the European Union and placed her under home arrest.

Eva Kaili, the former Parliament vice president, will be monitored electronically throughout the investigation into money for political favors.

After being arrested at the end of the preceding year on suspicion of bribery, money laundering, and participation in a criminal organization, the Greek politician was forced out of her position as vice president. Her attorneys have stated that she is not guilty of any crime.

Prosecutors in Belgium have a strong suspicion that Kaili was one of the numerous individuals who were reportedly paid by Qatar and Morocco to influence decision-making inside the assembly. Both nations are denying the claims made against them.

Our reporters are currently working on this topic, and we will provide an update as soon as any information is made available.

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