Finance inquiry arrests SNP treasurer 2023

Police detained the Scottish National Party’s treasurer Tuesday in a party financial inquiry that previously nabbed its executive director, Nicola Sturgeon’s husband.

Two weeks after SNP’s former longstanding executive Peter Murrell was questioned for over 11 hours and released without charges, Colin Beattie, 71, was detained.

Police returned to Murrell and Sturgeon’s Glasgow home the next day to look for evidence.

Scottish police are examining how a Scottish independence campaign spent 600,000 pounds ($745,000).

Scotland police detained the Scottish National Party treasurer in a party financing inquiry.

Strurgeon resigned as party leader and first minister of Scotland’s semi-autonomous government earlier this year. She claimed it was time for her, her party, and her country to step aside.

On Easter weekend, Sturgeon told reporters that the past several days had been “obviously difficult, quite traumatic at times.” She promised to assist with authorities but hadn’t been questioned yet.

Murrell resigned March 18 after 20 years. In a year, the party’s membership dropped from over 100,000 to just over 70,000. He apologized but denied misrepresenting.

After Murrell’s arrest, party auditors resigned.

Midlothian North and Musselburgh MSP Beattie also serves.

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