Democracy safe, dynastic politics dangerous: Shah targets Rahul in UP 2023

On Friday, Interior Minister Amit Shah attacked Rahul Gandhi for his UK statements, saying that “your family” and dynastic politics are in peril, not democracy.

Shah criticized the Congress of enveloping Indian democracy with three “naasuron” (ulcerous wounds)—casteism, dynastic politics, and appeasement—at a public assembly after inaugurating the Kaushambi Mahotsav. He said, “You are terrified” because Prime Minister Narendra Modi beat all three.

Brother, your family is in danger, not democracy. Your politics of “parivarvad” (dynasty)—not India—is in jeopardy. “Your family’s despotism is in danger, not India’s democracy,” the top BJP politician remarked.

Gandhi said India’s institutions were under “brutal attack” during a visit to the UK last month. His statements sparked a BJP-Congress feud.

Gandhi said his opinion that India’s democracy was under threat “was known” to everybody, but the BJP sought an apology for “insulting” the country abroad.

Shah also accused the Congress of obstructing Parliament.

Parliament adjourned yesterday. Budget Sessions have never concluded without a sitting and debate in independent India. The reason? The Union minister announced Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha disqualification.

Gandhi was sentenced to two years in prison for defaming “Modi” persons on March 18, although he was given 30 days to appeal. The Lok Sabha Secretariat revoked his membership the next day.

The Congress called it “vindictive politics,” but the BJP insisted it was the law.

Shah questioned Friday’s Kaushambi crowd, “Who brought the law?” He also added Gandhi was not the only leader whose membership “gone” following court punishment. “17 MLAs-MPs have left, including Rahul Gandhi.” Gandhi was advised to “follow the law” and obtain acquittal.

“Friends, Rahul Gandhi should follow the law, which is everyone’s dharma. You were MP. You may have sued over the sentence. You wasted Parliamentary time. “Our nation will never forgive you,” Shah warned.

Shah also criticized the Congress, SP, and BSP for allegedly delaying Ram Temple building in Ayodhya, urging people to vote for BJP again in 2024.

“Everyone desired the Ram Temple in Ayodhya at Lord Ram’s birthplace. The Congress, SP, and BSP all delayed it. “Modi ji lay the foundation stone, and soon you will see Lord Ram sitting in his temple,” Shah remarked.

With Yogi Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh was developing, he added.

UP trusted Modi in 2014. “In 2017, when I was Party leader, the BJP won a record 325 seats (in UP) and Modi ji named Yogi ji chief minister. In 2019, the SP, BSP, and Congress united but lost, and Modi ji became prime minister again. “You made Yogi ji chief minister again in 2022 (UP assembly elections),” Shah added.

“Modi ji made the country affluent and proud. Congress says “Modi teri kabra khudegi” (Modi your grave will be dug). “I want to inform these Congress people that whether it is Sonia ji, Rahul ji or anybody else, anytime abuses are thrown at Modi ji, the public has made the lotus blossom in the muck of these abuses in a forceful manner,” Shah said.

“Rahul Baba, this time again Modi ji’s administration would be established with ‘300-paar’ (over 300 Lok Sabha seats),” he said.

Pallavi Patel, Apna Dal (Kamerwadi) MLA from Sirathu seat in Kaushambi district, alleged she was house arrested at her party office and not permitted to receive the home minister. Samar Bahadur, Assistant Superintendent of Police, denied Patel’s assertions.

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