The ideal summertime getaway in Spain: activities, destinations, and cuisine

With Mediterranean waves crashing at your feet, there’s no better way to spend a summer’s day than lounging in the sun. Sounds perfect! This guide will help you plan the ideal summertime getaway to Spain.

One of my favorite nations in the world is Spain. My parents were huge fans of the Spanish island of Menorca, so I became obsessed with it at a very young age. I loved it so much that up to the age of fifteen, I spent every year of my life there.

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My investigation of mainland Spain has continued and become more in-depth since then. I’ve chosen a more genuine Spanish experience than all-inclusive hotels. consuming as much tapas as possible and totally submerging myself in Spanish culture.

I’ve now visited Spain more than 20 times, and I intend to continue going there.

Why should you spend this summer in Spain?

I could go on forever listing all the benefits of traveling to Spain, but I’ll cut it short so you can go on to the more interesting sections of this post.

Spain offers everything you could possibly want or need: sun, sea, beaches, islands, bustling cities, mountains, rural villages, culture, and delicious food!

I adore Spanish culture and lifestyle. the carefree atmosphere, where people are always having fun and drinking on the streets, regardless of the time of day. Particularly in the south, the Spanish way of life is aptly summed up by the word “mañana.” There never seems to be a good reason to haste when the sun is shining.

If that hasn’t made you want to reserve your tickets to Spain right away, keep reading to learn about the greatest places to visit in the summer, what experiences you should definitely make while there, and some amazing food you can eat.

Climate and weather: tips for getting ready for summer in Spain

In Spain, June through September is considered summer. The average daytime temperature in Spain is about thirty degrees, though this varies depending on the location. You’ll find more comfortable and cooler temperatures if you travel north.

You should be prepared for extreme perspiration if you travel to any of the southern Spanish cities in August! Temperatures in major cities like Seville and Cordoba can rise above 40 degrees.

June or September are the best months to visit outside of the summer. Not only are the prices and tourist population lower, but so are the temperatures. Beaches are crowded with locals and visitors enjoying the sun in July and August. Businesses profit from this spike in demand, which is why everything is much more expensive.

discovering the top summer destinations in Spain

Summertime in Spain is especially vibrant in the coastal towns. These are the greatest locations to go in the summer to cool off, get tan, and sip cool beverages in the sun.

You’re in luck if you enjoy the city more than the beach. Spain is home to many stunning cities and fantastic beaches. The best of both worlds, indeed!

Here are 5 places that I recommend visiting this summer in Spain:


Malaga surprised me hugely! It’s a stunning city that boasts a brilliant combination of the new and the old. There are so many historical sites for you to visit in Malaga — Castillo de Gibralfaro, Cathedral of Malaga, and Alcazaba. The narrow cobblestone streets also add to the historic feel and are ideal for getting lost in.

Then alongside this, there’s a modern shopping street, quirky cafes, and hipster restaurants popping up all over the city. The city itself is reason enough to visit, but couple that with a large, golden-sand beach and you’ve got everything you could possibly need.

It’s also a great location to visit other popular places in Andalusia such as Nerja, El Chorro, and the infamous Marbella.

Best places to eat in Malaga

Casa Lola is one of the most famous tapas restaurants in Malaga, and for good reason. You might have to queue, but the delicious bite-size dishes are definitely worth it.

If Casa Lola is too busy, La Tranca is a great alternative for tasty tapas. The atmosphere is fantastic and the staff is so much fun.


Of course, Barcelona has to be on this list. It’s one of the most popular summer destinations for both short weekend trips and week-long holidays. In between visiting the sites like La Sagrada Familia, or getting a picture from the iconic Park Güell, you can spend your days lounging on the beach.

Summer evenings spent in the streets of Barcelona, sipping a glass of sangria or an ice-cold cerveza are unforgettable. You’ll always find live music and a lively atmosphere as people wake up from their siestas.

Barcelona can be expensive, so here’s how to travel it on a budget.

Best places to eat in Barcelona

If you’re a meat or fish enthusiast then come to 9 Nine restaurant. Their steak is succulent and excellent, and their seafood is full of flavor and nicely presented.

Looking for a tapas bar? Bodega Biarritz 1881 Tapas Bar is a hit with its attractive design and mouth-watering tapas.


You’ll find Tarifa at the far south of Spain. So far south that on a clear day, you can see Morocco. One of the nicest things about Tarifa is that it’s not on everyone’s radar yet, so it’s managed to keep a tiny beach town atmosphere.

It’s well renowned for its superb watersport conditions. It’s rather windy, so you’ll discover that Tarifa’s sky will be filled with kites from the kitesurfers below. Surfing and windsurfing are also popular spots here. It’s a wonderfully peaceful town, packed with chilled people and a lovely feel.

Best places to dine in Tarifa

Tarifa has many with lovely cafés, but Cafe Azul is amongst the best. Head here for a wonderful breakfast, brunch, or lunch. I promise you’ll leave happy.

Delicious vegan and vegetarian food with a Spanish flair is served at Chilimosa Comida, which is located just across the street from Cafe Azul.


Valencia is the home of paella, a well-known Spanish dish. Sufficient words? If that’s not enough to persuade you to go, how about the amazing nightlife, free admission to the majority of the museums, and proximity to several fantastic beaches?

The third-largest city in Spain, Valencia provides a more contemporary look at Spanish culture. While there is a historic core, there are also many modern buildings to see, such the oceanarium and planetarium.

Valencia’s top restaurants

El Rinconet doesn’t look like much from the outside, but when you’ve taken a taste, you’ll be telling all your friends about their delicious tapas.

The greatest beef you’ll ever taste in your life can be found at Restaurante Grillo, along with inventive tapas dishes.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is located in the northern region of Spain, in the hilly Basque Country. This stunning Spanish city boasts an incredible beach. It’s regarded as one of Europe’s top urban beaches. However, San Sebastian’s culinary industry is what has truly made it famous.

It has the second-highest concentration of Michelin stars worldwide per resident! Delicious basque food is sure to provide for an amazing dinner and experience when combined with some of the world’s top chefs.

San Sebastian’s top dining destinations

You ought to go to a San Sebastian restaurant with a Michelin star if you have the means to. Akelarre is a three-star restaurant with a breathtaking view of the ocean. The meal is outstanding, needless to say.

Restaurante Ikaitz is an alternative that is a little less expensive but still quite delicious. They have amazing flavors and appearance.

Pros and drawbacks of holiday home ownership

Although the idea of vacation houses has always existed, its definition and target market have quickly changed. Not just the upper middle class, but even the middle class are interested in taking advantage of this chance. A shift in perspective is mostly motivated by the desire for flexibility and a passive income stream. Nevertheless, buying a vacation property might also provide some difficulties.

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What is a vacation house?

A holiday house is a residential property furnished with all the contemporary conveniences that guests may require while visiting. Vacation houses are becoming the go-to option for lodging rather than hotels. Holiday houses are becoming more and more in demand due to their many benefits, including their independence and flexibility, to the point that they are now a popular investment option.

Benefits of owning a vacation house

These are the top five explanations for why individuals would rather invest in vacation houses than book hotel rooms.

Opportunity to work from home

The global work-from-home (WFH) strategy has been well received by major corporations, as it reduces their expenditures on overhead and commercial space rentals. Working for such a corporation does not require you to be stationary. If you have a vacation house, you may go there to continue working and take advantage of the fresh air the place offers.

Arrive anytime you’d like.

Going on short trips has become more necessary as working from home becomes more common. Small breaks like these can’t always be scheduled well in advance, which causes havoc at the hotel. However, if you own a vacation home, you are free to take a vacation whenever you choose and are not constrained by the hours that hotels require you to check in and out. This implies that you can depart whenever you’d like and pack your luggage.

Being aware of the location

Purchasing a vacation property also has the benefit of eliminating geographical surprises. To reach your preferred vacation spot, all you need to do is go behind the wheel for a few hours. You’ll quickly become acquainted with the neighborhood and be able to identify the nicest eateries, coziest cafés, and most picturesque spots. If you want to spend a long weekend away from the bustle of the city, this is ideal.

Outstanding returns

There was a period when you could earn a significant interest just by making a bank deposit. But these days, the amount of money in banks either doesn’t seem to increase at all or is considerably less. Consequently, buying a vacation property has gained popularity as an investment option since it offers significant long-term profits. You can choose to sell the vacation house and use the proceeds to fund your retirement if it is no longer needed.

Consistent rental income

Since they have more flexibility than hotels, where guests must adhere to restrictions, many vacationers choose to stay in homestays and holiday houses. Additionally, you may earn a monthly income by renting out your vacation house anytime it’s empty. It might provide you with a passive income stream and aid in relaxation.

Drawbacks of purchasing a vacation property

Purchasing a vacation house is not too difficult if you have the funds and the want to do so, but keeping it up practically for the majority of the year may be challenging. The following are some typical issues that owners of vacation houses deal with, particularly if they rent out their property:

Employing a caregiver

Giving visitors the keys might be difficult because you will be running the rental business from a distance. If this is the case, you have two options: either employ a caretaker to manage the company on your behalf and keep the property in a guest-friendly manner, or upgrade to virtual smart locks. But there are other expenses involved.


Even if you have worked very hard to set up the accommodations, there will inevitably be complaints, no matter how little. Negative customer reviews and ratings on websites can have a negative impact on returns and reduce your profit margins.

seasonal improvements

You may have problems like frozen pipes if your vacation house is located in a cooler climate. Alternatively, if it’s a coastal region, seepage problems can occur during the monsoon. As a result, you should be cautious of problems related to seasonal change. Additionally, since you will be managing your property remotely, it is imperative to have local repairmen’s contact information on hand.

routine upkeep

You won’t notice problems like stuck windows and an air conditioner that breaks in the middle of the night unless you spend more time at the house. Although it is best to visit and stay at the vacation house at least twice a year in different seasons so that you may identify and address any problems as soon as possible, this may interfere with your office duties.

Africa’s Camping Safaris: Things to Consider Before You Go

One of the most amazing sensations you may have on a trip is dozing off in a tent while listening to the sounds of the African bush. A camping safari in Africa offers an incredible ‘trip of a lifetime’ where you can fully experience the remarkable animals and varied landscapes of the continent. However, being aware of the type of journey you’re embarking on guarantees a seamless, pleasurable, and—above all—perfectly tailored experience for you.

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Before embarking on a camping safari in Africa, consider the following useful advice and information.

1. Get ready for one of the most engaging travel experiences of your life.

It’s the stuff travel fantasies are made of: setting up a tent within an African wildlife reserve. You’ll hear a plethora of noises at night, when animals are most active, like roaring lions, screaming hyenas, and twigs crunching beneath the weight of wandering elephants. Beyond any other kind of housing, a camping safari provides a sensory experience that is thrilling, safe, and, for many, transformative. A camping safari will give you the exact feeling of experiencing the essence of our world, which is dominated by Mother Nature and her amazing wild species.

2. Safaris that tent in Africa are completely safe!

If you haven’t been to Africa yet and you’ve always wanted to set up a tent among flocks of raptors, stop, inhale, and relax for a moment. We’re not talking about some type of “camping safari adventure.” If you choose a reliable organization to go with and adhere to the safety instructions provided by your guides, your camping safari will be completely risk-free.

An knowledgeable and seasoned safari guide will know all the places you visit on your schedule and may offer helpful advice to ensure your safety the entire time. To keep visitors secure, the campgrounds and lodges that are selected will also have security measures in place, such as fencing and night watchmen. Depending on the type of camping safari you select, you will receive instructions on how to behave at camp, including where to avoid after dark and how to store food.

3. It’s not necessary to forgo luxury

Glamping originated in Africa, where there are a ton of amazing tented luxury camping resorts that elevate the experience of “sleeping in a tent” to a whole new level. There are plenty of alternatives to add varied degrees of luxury to the experience, even if you may opt for a more conventional camping safari where you set up your own tent and might even help prepare meals. We are discussing long-term tented camps and lodges including private terraces, fine dining establishments, swimming areas, exclusive wildlife drives for small groups, and an array of other inclusive activities.

The most exceptional settings for the finest luxury safari camping lodges are found around famous waterholes or riverbanks, where animals gathers at dusk. You’ve never gone camping like this before!

4. You can obtain a budget-friendly camping safari adventure.

Selecting the ideal safari or camping accommodation depends on your preferences. There is a fine line between experiencing the unadulterated beauty of the African wilderness and indulging in creature comforts and amenities that can enhance your safari experience. This line can be drawn between the most opulent and simplest alternatives.

Do you yearn to hear the exhilarating noises of nature singing to you? Or are you looking for a variety of places to unwind and have fun? You have the freedom to choose between both in Africa, with a range of budgets to suit!

5. Be ready for early mornings and busy days.

Camping safaris in Africa are thrilling adventures that provide unmatched chances to get close to wildlife, immerse oneself in the outdoors, and establish a connection with the natural world. However, they may also be physically taxing. Early beginnings are important, as wildlife is at its most active at first light. We assure you that not even the most ardent sleeper would choose to miss a second of the breathtaking African sunrise display! Among the must-do activities are hot-air balloon safaris and other wildlife-spotting trips, such as dawn game drives.

Whether you go for a luxury safari camping experience or a more affordable one, camping safaris include early mornings, long drives on rough roads, and physically demanding days. Fortunately, there are usually a few hours throughout the day to relax and, more often than not, early evenings to ensure that you wake up feeling rejuvenated and prepared to explore the amazing adventures the day has in store.

6. There will be a mouthwatering selection of cuisine

A great aspect of the African camping safari experience is the incredible dining. The natural delicacies of the continent, expertly and creatively prepared, are something that operators and hotels take great delight in providing. Reputable operators and luxury camps usually cater to all food requirements and preferences. Most camps may accommodate particular dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or other diets, provided they are informed in advance.

Engaging in guest participation on camping safaris is an incredible opportunity to really experience Africa’s diverse culinary culture. You may tour local produce markets, learn how to make regional cuisine with local products, and get a really hands-on experience with the help of your professional guide.

7. You may choose among contemporary excursion trucks that provide dependability, safety, and comfort.

Selecting a safari truck operator that offers the newest model is a terrific strategy to reduce fatigue during a camping safari. There was a time when overland truck excursions into the African bush were simple and a little harsh; these trips were mostly popular with adventure-seeking travelers who were looking for a few spontaneous breakdowns to add to their collection of “crazy African stories” to tell their friends.

Modern trucks with reclining seats and separate guest lockers are also available these days. Built-in fridges and freezers are essential for cold drinks after a hot day of driving. Built-in kitchens, USB charging ports, and large windows allow everyone to enjoy watching wildlife and beautiful scenery. This type of camping safari experience is rather different, as you might expect. Larger trucks are often utilized for lengthier trips between locations, whereas smaller cars are utilized for game drives inside reserves.

8. Verify that the safari operator employs high-quality camping equipment and be aware of what you should pack.

The type of equipment that each company provides for a camping safari excursion differs greatly. It pays to thoroughly investigate the equipment your selected operator employs. Read reviews from previous visitors to find out whether they have positive things to say about the tents, camping mattresses, chairs, and other equipment. Having high-quality equipment is crucial, particularly for physically taxing safaris. Getting a decent night’s sleep is really important!

You may need to bring your own sleeping bag, pillow, and towel on certain trips, although they are not always required. Inquire about suggested ratings for any camping equipment you may need to carry (such as the warmth rating for sleeping bags—Africa can get chilly!). and whether renting equipment is a possibility once you get there.

Ceremonies Holísticas in Tulum: Embracing Tranquility and Wellness

Tulum, nestled along the stunning coastline of the Riviera Maya, has become a sanctuary for those seeking holistic experiences. In this article, we delve into the enriching world of ceremonies holísticas in Tulum, exploring the profound connections between mind, body, and spirit in this idyllic destination.

Tulum, with its pristine beaches and lush greenery, sets the perfect backdrop for those seeking ceremonies holísticas, a unique blend of ancient practices and modern wellness. Let’s explore the essence of these ceremonies and how they contribute to a harmonious lifestyle.

Understanding Ceremonies Holísticas

Ceremonies holísticas, or holistic ceremonies, encompass a variety of practices aimed at achieving balance and well-being. From ancient Mayan rituals to contemporary holistic approaches, Tulum offers a diverse range of experiences for those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and their surroundings.

The Power of Holistic Ceremonies

In a fast-paced world, holistic ceremonies provide a retreat for individuals to recalibrate their energies. Engaging in practices like meditation, sound healing, and energy cleansing allows participants to tap into a profound sense of tranquility and self-awareness.

Exploring Tulum’s Holistic Offerings

Tulum’s holistic landscape is rich and varied. Visitors can partake in yoga sessions on the beach, experience traditional Mayan ceremonies, or indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments. The holistic community in Tulum is dedicated to offering a transformative experience for all who seek it.

Benefits of Ceremonies Holísticas

Embracing ceremonies holísticas in Tulum goes beyond a momentary escape. The benefits extend to improved mental clarity, enhanced physical well-being, and a heightened spiritual connection. These ceremonies serve as a holistic journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Creating Your Holistic Experience in Tulum

Whether you are a seasoned wellness enthusiast or a curious beginner, Tulum welcomes all. From workshops on mindfulness to immersive retreats, the options are diverse. The community ethos fosters an environment where individuals can explore and personalize their holistic journey.


In conclusion, Tulum stands as a haven for those seeking ceremonies holísticas to enrich their lives. The blend of ancient traditions and modern practices creates a unique tapestry of wellness in this coastal paradise. As you embark on your holistic journey in Tulum, consider the transformative experiences offered by the renowned Hotel Shibari Tulum. Your path to well-being begins in this serene oasis, where ancient wisdom and modern comfort converge.

Spain Golden Visa: What Is It?

Spain joined the EU in 1985 and became a member of the Schengen Area in 1995. The nation is a desirable place to relocate because of its growing economy and excellent standards of life. Spain is becoming a very attractive investment destination for families and corporations.

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The Spain Golden Visa Program is an excellent choice, particularly for non-EU citizens who wish to pursue their professional or personal aspirations in Europe. It permits living, working, and studying in Spain. It could also result in citizenship in the end and permanent residency.

You can apply for Spanish permanent residency after five years of temporary stay. If you meet specific requirements, you can seek for citizenship through the naturalization procedure after ten years of permanent residency.

Qualifications for the Golden Visa for Spain

The Golden Visa Program for Spain offers a number of investment choices. You have the option of investing €1 million in Spanish company shares, €2 million in Spanish government bonds, or €500,000 in real estate.

In addition to meeting the financial requirements, you must be at least eighteen years old, have no criminal records, and have either private or public health insurance.

Specific requirements:

You are not under eighteen.

You don’t live in Spain illegally.

You haven’t had any criminal activity in the last five years.

You are not listed among those who should be avoided.

Throughout your visit, private healthcare is covered.

You can demonstrate that you have enough money to survive in Spain without working.

You have not been denied residency in Spain or in some other nations.

A 2005 rule states that none of the ailments are present in you.

Spain’s Investment Opportunities Golden Visa

Investing in Real Estate

You will need to make a sizable investment in Spanish real estate if you choose this path. The initiative has a fixed sum of €500,000. A home property, a business property, or a combination of the two are your options. It’s possible to rent out the concerned property. Any amount beyond the minimal investment may be mortgaged out. Different purchasers may also pool their investments into a single property.

Spain’s Business Development

More specifically, this path to residence in Spain through investment seeks to support the Spanish economy. If you select this course of action, 1) you have to create jobs The investment must: 2) affect the nation’s socioeconomic situation; and 3) advance scientific and technology advancements. This option requires a minimum investment of €1 million.

Transfer of Capital

To take advantage of the Golden Visa program for Spain, you can also choose to invest a sizeable sum in Spanish Treasury Bonds. The financial stability of these bonds makes this choice quite well-liked by the candidates. The government backs Treasure Bonds. It is an investment option that is quite safe and offers competitive returns. This option requires a minimum investment of €1 million. If not, you can put at least €1 million into bank accounts with Spanish financial institutions or shares in Spanish businesses.

How to Apply for a Golden Visa to Spain

The Spanish Golden Visa application process is not too complicated. Here is a brief summary of the necessary actions.

Step 1: Select your preferred investment option first. The investment possibilities are listed above in the section titled “Spanish Golden Visa Investment Options.” Our group of Golden Visa specialists can also assist you in evaluating your investment alternatives.

Step 2: After deciding, you get ready and send in your Schengen Visa application.

Step 3: At this point, you travel to Spain in order to give the authorities the biometric information they need. The completion of this step of the procedure typically takes two months.

stage 4: Waiting for the outcome of the authority evaluations is the last stage in the application procedure. Typically, the approval or rejection procedure takes 20 days.

Step 5: Obtain your Spain Golden Visa and begin taking advantage of its advantages.

Documents Needed in Spain for a Golden Visa

A resident visa application requires the following papers in addition to the application form in order to be processed:

1. A current passport good for a minimum of a year

2. A statement attesting to the availability of enough money to pay living expenses throughout the period

3. Verification of your health insurance coverage document

4. A document from the appropriate authorities attesting to your children’s attendance at school (if applicable)

These documents all need to be legalized and translated into Spanish.

Obtaining the NIE Number and Opening a Bank Account

The Foreigner’s Identification Number is also known as NIE, or Número de Identificación de Extranjero. A tax identification number is the Spanish NIE number. It is employed in a variety of real estate and tax-related industries in Spain. When making formal purchases, paying taxes, and engaging in other lawful or official business, it is utilized. Every financial transaction involving the Spanish tax agency uses it. For every foreigner who has financial, professional, or social affairs in Spain, they must get an NIE number. Although it is not necessary to have permanent residency, it is nonetheless preferable to obtain an NIE number as soon as feasible.

submitting the Golden Visa application to Spain

Generally speaking, the authorities have 20 days from the date of submission to complete the application. The application is automatically approved if the authorities do not reject it within that time frame.

Getting a Golden Visa in Spain might take up to ten months in some cases.

Investment-Based Citizenship of Spain

Spain The Golden Visa scheme grants investors residence in Spain in exchange for a financial contribution. There isn’t a straight path to citizenship. On the other hand, after ten years, you can be qualified for citizenship if you obtain your Golden Visa and choose to reside in Spain.

To become a citizen of the nation, you must, however, fulfill a number of requirements, including giving up your previous citizenship. For this reason, it will be beneficial to consult experts and attorneys before committing.

What can one anticipate from a Tanzanian safari?

Traveling to Tanzania

Africa has a unique charm that includes breathtaking sunsets that make you feel as though time has stopped, isolated spots where the starry sky genuinely awes you, and experiences with nature that will forever alter your perspective on the world.

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Wildlife safaris, which enable guests to get up close and personal with wild creatures in their natural habitat while also supporting national environmental conservation initiatives through protected areas or national parks, are the greatest and most fascinating ways to see nature in Africa.

And make Tanzania your first choice for a safari location out of all the African countries. More than just a holiday, a safari in Tanzania will change your perspective on nature and let you appreciate the grandeur of the wild in a whole new manner.

Features that set a Tanzanian safari apart


Tanzania is without a doubt the greatest place for a wildlife safari since it boasts the greatest animal species in all of Africa.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Ngorongoro Crater is renowned for having the highest animal population density in the world per square meter. In Ngorongoro Crater, visitors may spy on the critically endangered black rhino. The opportunity to view the greatest variety of species is provided by visiting this outstanding conservation area, which is a genuinely unique natural experience.

Because of its distinctive ecology, the fact that it is home to the greatest number of ungulates on the planet, and the fact that it has more predators concentrated in one place than any other place in the world, Serengeti National Park has also been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the Serengeti to witness the wildebeest migration firsthand. You may even choose for a hot air balloon ride or a chartered plane ride to watch it from the air.

Aside from one of the biggest baboon tribes in Africa, visitors to Manyara National Park may witness hordes of different bird species, tree-climbing lions, and vast quantities of pink flamingos. A novel “Tree Top Walk” that brings visitors even closer to the amazing birds of Manyara National Park has been made possible by the recent construction of a network of interconnected bridges among the sturdy trees around Lake Manyara.

Elephant families with young children are common in Tarangire National Park, which is home to one of the greatest populations of elephants in the area. Tarangire’s enormous river serves as a source of water for herds of zebras and wildebeests as well as their predators, including lions, cheetahs, and leopards, who travel there during the dry season.
Tanzania’s second-highest mountain, Mount Meru, is located in Arusha National Park. Under the supervision of a qualified park ranger, of course, visitors may go on a walking safari over the grasslands and get up close to herds of Cape Buffalo, giraffes, and zebras.

Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa, is located in Kilimanjaro National Park. For many, scaling this amazing mountain is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Unmatched Kili hikes are available from Altezza, either as private climbs or open-to-all group trips. Go here to find out more about climbing Kilimanjaro.

The surroundings and scenery

Tanzania is one of the top African nations when it comes to setting aside huge tracts of land for conservation or animal preservation. More than 25% of the country has been declared as an official conservation area or as a national park.

This indicates that there are large tracts of land that have maintained their natural integrity, isolated locations where the natural world rules; examples of these include the well-known Great Migration, in which millions of wildebeests risk their lives to cross the Grumeti River, crocodiles and other predators, savannahs where lions still rule, and the natural world’s reverence for the majestic elephant.
Tanzania offers tourists the chance to see nature in its purest form, apart from human habitation.
Tanzania is always a top choice for beautiful nature photos taken by photographers of all skill levels. Take pictures of the seemingly endless African plains, get a close-up look at the colorful weaver birds building their nest in a prickly acacia tree, or spot some of the continent’s most well-known large predators, such serval cats or cheetahs, roaming through the tall, dry grasses. Tanzanian safari photos turn out beautifully, even without fancy gear since the landscape is so colorful and the animals is moving so quickly.

cozy safari vehicles

Safari vehicles are subject to the same stringent standards as the Tanzanian tourism sector. You will undoubtedly be traveling in a contemporary, luxurious safari vehicle when you make a reservation with Altezza Travel, so there’s no need to settle with driving a van.

We provide Wi-Fi internet, air conditioning, an extended top, a fridge for refreshing drinks, and on-the-go power outlets for charging gadgets in our safari cars. Better views everywhere for an exciting safari journey are possible when the roof of the safari jeep is raised.

opulent campgrounds and lodges

Tanzanian lodgings have a stellar reputation for welcoming guests. Throughout national parks, there are several luxurious resorts and campgrounds that have won awards.

It is certain that guests to Tanzania will have a luxurious stay. Even though you could be in a secluded area with a stunning view of the Great Rift Valley, the Serengeti grasslands, or the brink of the Tarangire River, you can be sure that you will be enjoying great wine, chef-prepared meals, and all the amenities of a four- or five-star hotel.

Top-rated hotels have been carefully selected by Altezza, and our staff members frequently visit these properties to make sure the level of quality and service our clients get is up to our own high standards.

Discover Culinary Delights: Best Restaurants in Tulum

Tulum, a captivating blend of pristine beaches and lively culture, stands out not only for its natural beauty but also for its diverse culinary landscape. As we embark on a journey through the best restaurants in Tulum, one establishment takes the lead, offering a luxurious experience that seamlessly blends local flavors with contemporary flair. Atta Tulum, a true gem nestled in the heart of this coastal town, stands as our top recommendation.

1. Atta Tulum – Where Luxury Meets Local Flavors

Atta Tulum sets itself apart as a beacon of culinary excellence, providing a unique and upscale dining experience. This renowned establishment flawlessly combines contemporary culinary techniques with seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients, making it a must-visit for gastronomy enthusiasts.

But Atta Tulum offers more than just a culinary adventure. As you revel in the exquisite flavors, don’t miss the chance to experience their private cenote restaurant club, providing a breathtaking view of the crystal-clear waters of the Tuuch cenote. This unique setting adds an extra layer of magic to your dining experience, making Atta Tulum an unparalleled choice.

2. Manglar Pizzeria – A Slice of Tulum’s Culinary Charm

For a more casual yet equally delightful experience, Manglar Pizzeria stands out as a local favorite. Situated amidst the lush greenery, this pizzeria offers wood-fired pizzas with a diverse range of toppings, using fresh, local ingredients.

3. Kin Toh – Dining Amongst the Treetops

Elevating the dining experience, Kin Toh provides a unique setting where you can dine amongst the treetops. This avant-garde restaurant not only offers an impressive menu featuring contemporary Mexican cuisine but also mesmerizing views of the surrounding jungle.

4. Hartwood – A Culinary Journey in the Jungle

Hartwood, nestled in the heart of the jungle, is renowned for its commitment to using local, organic ingredients. The ever-changing menu showcases the best of what Tulum has to offer, with a focus on sustainability and bold flavors.

5. Gitano – Mezcal, Tacos, and Jungle Vibes

Combining the spirit of a jungle oasis with the allure of mezcal and tacos, Gitano captures the essence of Tulum’s laid-back charm. This chic restaurant not only offers a vibrant atmosphere but also an extensive menu of Mexican-inspired delights.

Stay tuned as we explore more exceptional dining destinations in Tulum, each contributing to the gastronomic richness of this coastal haven.

Tulum Natural Pools: Discovering the Natural Wonder of Tulum

Tulum natural pools are truly a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, Tulum is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and pristine beaches. Among its many treasures, the natural pools of Tulum stand out as a unique and serene experience for all nature enthusiasts.

Tulum Cabins: Your Retreat in Nature

When you venture to the Tulum natural pools, one of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in this natural wonder is by staying in the cozy and authentic Tulum Cabins. These rustic cabins provide you with the opportunity to be surrounded by nature while enjoying all the comforts needed for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

The Tulum natural pools are freshwater pools formed amidst the tropical jungle, fed by underground rivers that flow through cave systems. These natural pools are unlike any other, offering an unforgettable swimming experience. The water in these pools is crystal clear and refreshing, making it the perfect place to cool off amidst the lush greenery of the jungle.

One of the main attractions of the Tulum natural pools is their stunning scenic beauty. The lush and diverse tropical vegetation that surrounds these pools creates a breathtaking natural setting. Visitors can immerse themselves in the local flora and fauna while relaxing in the crystal-clear waters.

In addition to swimming and relaxation, the Tulum natural pools offer an opportunity for snorkeling and exploring the marine life that inhabits the pools. The water visibility is exceptional, allowing nature enthusiasts to get up close and personal with a variety of aquatic life, including tropical fish and colorful water plants.

To make the most of your visit to the Tulum natural pools, it’s highly recommended to stay in one of the charming Tulum Cabins located nearby. These cabins are often built sustainably and blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. They provide modern amenities such as comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and terraces with panoramic views of the jungle.

Moreover, many Tulum Cabins offer additional services, such as guided excursions to the natural pools, visits to nearby cenotes, and jungle hikes, allowing you to explore the Tulum region authentically and enrich your experience.

In conclusion, the Tulum natural pools are a natural treasure not to be missed when visiting this beautiful region of Mexico. For an even more special experience, staying in one of the charming Tulum Cabins will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Dive into the tranquility of the natural pools and let the magic of Tulum captivate your senses.

Certainly! Here’s a complete article in English about the universities in Mexico:

Exploring the Rich Educational Landscape of Mexico’s Universities

Introduction: Mexico, a country known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes, is also home to an increasingly renowned higher education system. In recent years, Mexican universities have garnered attention for their diverse academic offerings and dynamic campus environments. This article aims to shine a light on the diverse and vibrant university scene in Mexico, a choice destination for students from around the world.

The Diversity of Mexican Universities: Mexico’s higher education landscape is characterized by a mix of public and private institutions, each offering unique educational experiences. Prominent universities such as the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Tecnológico de Monterrey, and Universidad Iberoamericana stand out for their academic excellence, innovative research programs, and commitment to social development. These institutions, among others, reflect the rich cultural heritage and academic rigor of Mexican higher education. For a more comprehensive look at the universities in Mexico, one can visit Universidades Mexico.

Academic Programs and Opportunities: Mexican universities offer a wide range of academic programs catering to various fields of study, including engineering, social sciences, arts, and technology. These institutions are not just about disseminating knowledge; they are centers for innovation and research, pushing the boundaries in various academic disciplines. Furthermore, Mexican universities are increasingly incorporating global perspectives into their curriculum, establishing international collaborations, and participating in exchange programs, making them attractive for students seeking a global education.

Student Life and Culture in Mexican Universities: The campus life at Mexican universities is as vibrant and diverse as the country itself. Students engage in a variety of extracurricular activities, from sports to cultural clubs, allowing them to immerse themselves in Mexico’s rich heritage and contemporary culture. These institutions are not just places of learning; they are communities where students can experience personal growth, cultural exchange, and develop a global network of peers.

Conclusion: Studying in Mexico offers a unique blend of academic excellence, cultural immersion, and personal growth opportunities. Whether for local or international students, Mexican universities represent a gateway to a world of knowledge and experiences, set in one of the most culturally rich countries in the world. To explore the diverse educational opportunities available in Mexico, visit Universidades Mexico and discover a world of possibilities.


Enhancing Your Dining Experience: Balcon Zocalo Restaurant Branding

In the heart of Mexico City, a culinary gem awaits you – Balcon Zocalo Restaurant. As we explore the art of branding in the restaurant industry, let’s delve into how Balcon Zocalo has crafted its unique identity and created a memorable dining experience.

The Essence of Balcon Zocalo

Restaurante Zocalo – the keyword that captures the essence of Balcon Zocalo’s identity. Located at the iconic Zocalo Square, this restaurant perfectly blends tradition and innovation. From the moment you step in, you’re enveloped in the rich history and culture of Mexico. Balcon Zocalo has carved its niche by curating an experience that speaks to both locals and tourists.

The Visual Identity

Branding begins with visual elements, and Balcon Zocalo excels in this aspect. The logo, with its artistic portrayal of the restaurant’s balcony overlooking Zocalo Square, reflects the core concept. The color palette of earthy tones, inspired by Mexican landscapes, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Culinary Excellence

A brand isn’t just about logos and colors; it’s about the product – in this case, the food. Balcon Zocalo’s brand promise revolves around authenticity. Their menu is a gastronomic journey through Mexico’s diverse cuisine, showcasing the flavors of each region. From street food classics to gourmet dishes, every plate tells a story.

Customer Experience

A brand is as good as the experience it offers. Balcon Zocalo has mastered the art of creating memorable moments. Whether it’s the friendly staff, the mesmerizing view, or the exquisite dishes, every aspect of the dining experience has been carefully curated to leave a lasting impression.

Community Engagement

Beyond the restaurant’s physical space, Balcon Zocalo engages with the community through various initiatives. Supporting local artisans, promoting Mexican culture, and participating in events contribute to a positive brand image and reinforce their commitment to the local community.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

One of the most powerful tools in branding is word-of-mouth marketing. Balcon Zocalo’s loyal customer base often becomes its brand ambassadors. Satisfied diners share their experiences, recommend the restaurant to friends and family, and leave glowing reviews online, further enhancing the brand’s reputation.


In the competitive world of dining, Balcon Zocalo Restaurant has carved a niche for itself through effective branding. From its visual identity to its commitment to authentic Mexican cuisine, this restaurant has created a brand that resonates with locals and tourists alike. It’s not just a place to eat; it’s an experience, and that’s what makes Balcon Zocalo truly remarkable.

So, if you’re in Mexico City and looking for a dining experience that combines tradition, innovation, and culinary excellence, make sure to visit Balcon Zocalo. It’s not just a meal; it’s a journey through the heart of Mexico.