Carpinteria City Council approves staff anti-displacement rule 2023

The most recent city to attempt to deal with the issue of sky-high rent is Carpinteria in California.

Mark Carlson, a member of the staff, stated that residents of California pay more than citizens in other states.

Roy Lee, a member of the Carpinteria City Council, stated that he had urged the city to include the topic on the agenda in the hopes of assisting residents of the community.

The lone public response was made by a local person who identified themselves as Kit Brown.

She called in to strongly encourage the council to take action over the situation.

Brown stated that she will be forced out of her apartment because of renovations.

The staff provided anti-displacement measures such as rent stability, subsidies, revisions to short term rental agreements, and safeguards against eviction.

In response to what are known as “reno-victions” in Isla Vista, where some residents paid $2,200 for a one-bedroom apartment, Santa Barbara County has just recently established safeguards.

According to the information provided by, the typical monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Carpinteria is greater than $2,400.

The staff suggested that the council pass a resolution recommending the adoption of modifications and priorities pertaining to housing.

Following a brief debate on the topic, the members of the council agreed unanimously to accept the suggestion made by the staff and to give the staff the authority to prioritize the available choices.

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