As anti-government, anti-violence protests continue, Vučić resigns as party leader 2023

A fourth anti-government “Serbia against Violence” demonstration took place after President Aleksandar Vui announced his resignation as leader of SNS at the party’s gathering over a difficult political weekend.

As part of its “Serbia of Hope” campaign, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) held a large-scale demonstration in front of the legislature on Friday.

At the demonstration, which was attended by tens of thousands of people transported by buses from all around the nation, Ivica Dai, Peter Sziarto, and Milorad Dodik, the president of the Republika Srpska, all gave addresses.

Vui declared that he would be stepping down as party leader.

“Unity and togetherness are needed more than ever because of everything that has happened,” he stated, requesting the crowd to bow their flags and heads in remembrance of the victims of the May mass killings.

“I will no longer be the leader of a political party, but I will begin tomorrow as the president of all Serbian citizens. To have a base and foundation to sustain our nation in the upcoming two to three years of crisis.

Which will determine the destiny of Serbia, we will, nonetheless, establish the Movement for People and State on June 28 due to the predicament we find ourselves in, added Vui.

Milo Vuevi, the minister of defense, would take over as SNS’s leader a few hours later.

“We continue to be the engine of progress for our nation, but we are also a party that upholds and preserves Serbia’s fundamental values. According to Vuevi,

“We will continue to support the interests of Serb populations worldwide, but especially in the nations of the former Yugoslavia, and we will continue our political commitment to retaining Kosovo and Metohija inside Serbia.

The fourth anti-government “Serbia against violence” rally, which was organized by some of the opposition, took place on Saturday afternoon. After leaving flowers in front of the parliament, tens of thousands of demonstrators marched en masse to the “RTS” headquarters, the national broadcaster.

They yelled “thieves” and “resign” when the evening news was shown live around the building. Numerous demonstrators reiterated their demands as thousands gathered nearby in Tamajdan Park.

The next “Serbia against violence” rally was scheduled to take place on Friday, June 2, according to the organizers. According to Radomir Lazovi of the left-wing group “Do not let Belgrade drown” (NDB), Serbia must demonstrate that it cannot carry on in this way.

“We want to continue working to enact laws and put a stop to hate factories like Pink and Happy TV. must halt the assault and misleading news that the regime’s media is inundating us with. To set Serbia on a regular course, we want to struggle for the fulfillment of our requests.

When those needs are satisfied, we won’t stop; instead, we need to figure out how to increase the number of educators and psychologists in both society and schools, as well as how to improve the performance of our social services, he added.

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