Amid Gehlot-Shekhawat tussle, Rajput organization warns Congress before votes 2023

The Pratap Foundation, a major Rajput community organization that includes Shekhawat, accused Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot of targeting a “rising Rajput leader” on Monday, escalating the conflict between Gehlot and Shekhawat.

Gehlot has often accused Shekhawat of complicity in the Sanjivani Credit Co-operative Society fraud. The Union Minister disputed such charges, stating Gehlot’s words were motivated by “political vendetta” because he beat the CM’s son, Vaibhav Gehlot, in Jodhpur in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

At a June 2 ceremony, Gehlot continued his attack: “I called up Bhagwan Singh Rolsahabsar who is his (Shekhawat’s) guru (and head of the Kshatriya Yuvak Sangh). I phoned that nice guy and said, “Bhagwan Singh ji, this chela (disciple) of yours, people are sinking because of him, please help the people get their money.” He may be compelled to do nothing.”

“Speak up about the money which has sunk,” the CM said, asking “why the Enforcement Directorate (ED) was not probing the case”.

Rajput group sends warning to Congress amid Gehlot-Shekhawat fight ahead of elections

On June 5, the Pratap Foundation, affiliated with Rajasthan’s main Rajput group, the Kshatriya Yuvak Sangh, sent Gehlot a three-page letter criticizing his Rolsahabsar statements. The Kshatriya Yuvak Sangh, created by former MP Tan Singh, denies political involvement, unlike the Karni Sena.

Senior Pratap Foundation member Mahaveer Singh Sarvadi wrote to Gehlot: “You are the CM of the state. Your false accusations about Shree Bhagwan Singh Sahab are not respectful. Please consider this. Honourable Bhagwan Singh ji cannot participate in politics for personal gain.”

“Many cases like Sanjivani happen in the state,” the letter says, supporting Shekhawat. However, one politician is defaming another by bringing up the Sanjivani issue. Everyone understands…Sanjivani case inquiry has lasted four years. Character assassination of our emerging leader Gajendra Singh Shekhawat is unacceptable.”

Gehlot said Tuesday, “I had spoken about Bhagwan Singh Rolsahabsar and I got a letter today from his organization about why I took his name. After appreciating him, Shekhawat would listen to him because he was a disciple of Rolsahabsar. Poor will benefit. Bhagwan Singh ji constantly promotes the needy. I erred.”

Sarvadi told The Indian Express, “After the CM’s recent statement, I had spoken to people of our community. They believe CM Gehlot is targeting Gajendra Singh Shekhawat politically. We wrote the letter due of community anger.”

The Kshatriya Yuvak Sangh’s 75th anniversary celebration in 2021, which included leaders and lawmakers from all parties, showed its importance in Rajasthan’s politics.

Shekhawat, Rajendra Rathore, Khachariyawas, and Rathore spoke during the ceremony.

BJP supporters are Rajputs. The Congress capitalized on the community’s discontent with the saffron party after the encounter of gangster Anandpal Singh and the sidelining of senior leaders like Jaswant Singh during former CM Vasundhara Raje’s tenure in the 2018 Lok Sabha elections. The Pratap Foundation’s criticism before December’s Assembly elections may not bode well for the party.

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