Allison Morris and Sam McBride assess NI politics following election earthquake 2023

There has been a significant shift in the political landscape in Northern Ireland.

During the elections for the local government, Sinn Féin experienced a surge to unprecedented levels of support and a record number of new councilors, while the DUP’s support remained at the same level.

In addition, the number of people who voted for nationalist parties exceeded the number of people who voted for unionist parties for the very first time. This was a historic moment.

What led to this phenomenon, and what part do demographics play in its development?

And what exactly does all of this imply for the politics, culture, and society of our society’s future?

Ciarán Dunbar is joined on the show by Sam McBride, the Northern Ireland Editor for the Belfast Telegraph, and Allison Morris, the Security Correspondent for the Belfast Telegraph.

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