After months of upheaval, Slovak president appoints ‘non-party’ administration 2023

President Zuzana aputová has decided to assume responsibility for stabilizing the country after months of witnessing ministers’ conflicting personalities impede political action in Slovakia. aputová has been forced to observe ministers’ squabbling and personality clashes delay political action in Slovakia.

On Friday, aputová announced her picks for an entirely new interim government, comprised exclusively of specialists in their respective disciplines and devoid of political party ministers.

Taking a cue from her own decision to leave a career in civil society to become president, she urged the Slovak public to remain open-minded and to recognize the enormous sacrifice the new appointees in the caretaker mandate were making by leaving their non-political positions to join the government.

Slovakia’s President Zuzana Čaputová has created an expert-led administration due to the country’s extended political instability.

“I am well aware of the difficulty of such a decision and the extent to which it impacts personal life. Those who pursue it have my admiration and gratitude. “Let’s give them a chance, and let’s not pre-judge and condemn them based on deliberate lies that will undoubtedly be uncovered,” the president said on Friday.

The interim government that had been in place since December collapsed last week when caretaker Prime Minister Eduard Heger resigned.

In his place, aputová, Slovakia’s first female president, who enjoys strong support from Western allies, chose an expert government led by udovt dor, who had been vice-governor of the National Bank of Slovakia until then.

President of the Institute of Public Affairs in Bratislava, Grigorij Mesenikov, told Euronews that the president has stated that she will appoint an expert administration if she believes the government is underperforming.

“The president is now a member of the executive government, and Zuzana aputová will co-rule with the government.”

For the first time in its history, Slovakia will have a cabinet composed solely of experts – or technocrats – with no party affiliation. This “government of experts” will commence their term on May 15.

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