Expanding Russia’s Naval Cooperation with Iran is a Priority for Moscow 2023

In a meeting that took place on Monday in Tehran between the Russian admiral and the Commander of the Iranian Navy, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, the Russian admiral emphasized the significance of increasing ties between the Iranian and Russian naval forces.

He also expressed hope that his trip to Iran would lead to further improvement of cooperation between the navies of the two countries.

Russia Seeking to Deepen Its Naval Partnership with Iran

Yevmenov went on to say that the Russian Navy is prepared to negotiate an agreement with the Iranian Navy about the future promotion of mutual interaction.

For his part, Iranian Foreign Minister Hassan Irani stated that the participation of Russian naval troops in three combined maneuvers with Iran and China sent a “very important” message to the three countries’ shared adversary.

During the month of March, the naval forces of Iran, China, and Russia undertook maritime maneuvers in the Sea of Oman. These drills were given the name “naval security belt combined war game 202,” and they were held as part of the three nations’ efforts to increase the level of cooperation among their respective warships.

In recent years, the Iranian naval forces, along with their Chinese and Russian counterparts, have participated in a number of joint war games. The objectives of these exercises have included the following: the exchange of information in naval rescue and relief operations; the sharing of operational and tactical experiences; the fight against piracy and maritime terrorism; and the improvement of the safety of international maritime trade.

According to Press TV, Irani praised the efforts of Russian naval forces to perform joint drills with Iran and China and emphasized the significance of creating a joint committee to enhance engagement in many areas. In particular, she emphasized the importance of increasing cooperation in the educational and technological spheres.

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